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Interview Preparation by Roundone

Why should you buy?

‚ÄčEven the best candidates get rejected for jobs because of how they present themselves and perform in interviews. To ensure you impress interviewers and beat the competition, sign up for this course where we connect you with top professionals in your field for a mock interview, and then based on your performance, our HR experts coach you on how exactly you can improve and ace your next job interview.

What will you get?

Mock Interview

A mock phone interview with a professional working in your field, in top companies such as Accenture, HCL, TCS, Wipro, IBM, and many more will be conducted.

Personalized Coaching

A 30 minute personalized coaching session will be conducted with top notch HR experts on bettering your interview technique over the phone.

Feedback Report

Get a Report with the summary of your performance, suggested resources based on your areas of improvement, and a guide to help you prepare for your next interview.



  • What is a mock interview?

    A mock interview, simulates a real job interview and is meant to give you practice, help you understand and prepare for the type of questions, you will get, and make you accustomed to the professional etiquette expected in these interviews.

  • Who will take my mock interview?

    Mock interviews are taken by senior industry professionals. Round One has a network of over 25,000 professionals in top companies in all fields, so you will be matched with an appropriate interviewer who has experience recruiting for their company.

  • How does the coaching call work?

    Our HR experts have a background in recruitment. They study your performance and apply cutting edge research techniques in human resources and behavioral psychology and explain how you can use them in your next interview.