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What is this course about


Why XPath and XPointer?
XPath, XPointer, and Other XML-Related Specs
XPath and XPointer Versus XQuery

XPath Basics

The Node Tree: An Introduction
XPath Expressions
XPath Data Types
Nodes and Node-Sets
Node-Set Context

Location Steps and Paths

XPath Expressions
Location Paths
Location Steps
Compound Location Paths Revisited

XPath Functions

Introduction to Functions
XPath Function Types
XPath Numeric Operators

XPath Example

XPath Visualiser: Some Background
Sample XML Document
General to Specific, Common to Far-Out


General Goals
Specific Requirements

XPointer Basics

XPointer and Media types
Some Definitions
The Framework
Error Types
Encoding and Escaping Characters in XPointer

XPointer Syntax

Shorthand Pointers
Scheme-Based XPointer Syntax
Using XPointers in a URI

XPointer Beyond XPath

Why Extend XPath?
Points and Ranges
XPointer Extensions to Document Order
XPointer Functions

What are the course deliverables ?

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• Receive reading material
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• Clear the exam and get hard copy and soft copy certificate with LinkedIn recommendation

Program Schedule

• No fixed dates.
• Prepare and appear for certification exam

Program Highlights

Benefits of Vskills Certification
• Government certification
• No Minimum educational qualification
• No time commitment
• Improve employability
• Certification valued and approved by Industry
• Become a part of Vskills Job centre for life
• Enriched professional experience by being a Vskills Alumni

Desired Course Seeker Profile

• No minimum eligibility
• No experience needed