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What is this course about

1. Introduction
1.1 Digital assets
1.2 Need for computer security
1.3 Risk and vulnerabilities

2. Attacks, Security and Measures
2.1 Evolution and attack types
2.2 Attack tools
2.3 Security levels
2.4 Security Standards

3. Secured Software Cycle
3.1 Security Lifecycle
3.2 Security Requirements
3.3 Security use cases and modeling
3.4 Security Design and authentication
3.5 Secured coding techniques and review
3.6 Security testing and remediation

4. C/C+ programming
4.1 UNIX/Linux and C/C++ evolution
4.2 Attack types and countermeasures in C/C++
4.3 UNIX security and privileges
4.4 UNIX network programming

5. Windows programming
5.1 Windows Security
5.2 .Net components and runtime security
5.3 .Net security design
5.4 Identity, principal and permission
5.5 Security techniques (type safety, role based and code access)
5.6 ASP.NET and remoting security

6. Java programming
6.1 Java architecture and platform security
6.2 Cryptography API and secure sockets
6.3 JSSE and Java sandbox
6.4 Applets and swing security

7. SOA-based security
7.1 TCP/IP protocols and socket security
7.2 SOA basics and challenges
7.3 RPC and RMI security
7.4 DCOM and ActiveX security

8. Web Applications Security
8.1 Web security concepts
8.2 Identity management techniques
8.3 PKI and future
8.4 Attack techniques (code injection and parameter passing)
8.5 Emerging attack types and AVDL

9. Securing Mobile
9.1 Mobile computing architecture and networks
9.2 NGN concepts and security
9.3 J2ME, Java card and USIM security
9.4 Securing WAP, mobile agents and mobile networks
9.5 Windows mobile security

10. Advance Java Security
10.1 Servlet Security
10.2 Securing JSP, Java struts, JSF and EJB

11. Advance Web Services
11.1 Web service security model and standards
11.2 XML attacks and SSL usage
11.3 OFX and IFX

What are the course deliverables ?

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Program Schedule

• No fixed dates.
• Prepare and appear for certification exam

Program Highlights

Benefits of Vskills Certification
• Government certification
• No Minimum educational qualification
• No time commitment
• Improve employability
• Certification valued and approved by Industry
• Become a part of Vskills Job centre for life
• Enriched professional experience by being a Vskills Alumni

Desired Course Seeker Profile

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