Vskills Certified Linux and Windows Integration Professional (Govt. Certification)



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What is this course about

Linux Features

Where Linux Fits in a Network
Linux as a Server
Linux on the Desktop
Comparing Linux and Windows Features

Linux Deployment Strategies

Linux Server Options
Linux Desktop Migration
Linux and Thin Clients

Basic Samba Configuration

Installing Samba
The Samba Configuration File Format
Identifying the Server
Setting Master Browser Options
Setting Password Options

File and Printer Shares

Common File Share Options
Printing with CUPS
Creating a Printer Share
Delivering Printer Drivers to Windows Clients
Example Shares

Managing a NetBIOS Network with Samba

Enabling Domain Controller Functions
Enabling NBNS Functions
Assuming Master Browser Duties

Linux as an SMB/CIFS Client

Using NetBIOS Name Resolution
Accessing File Shares
Printing to Printer Shares
Configuring GUI Workgroup Browsers

Using NT Domains for Linux Authentication

The Principles Behind Winbind
Samba Winbind Configuration
PAM and NSS Winbind Options
Winbind in Action

Using LDAP

The Principles Behind LDAP
Configuring an OpenLDAP Server
Creating a User Directory
Configuring Linux to Use LDAP for Login Authentication
Configuring Windows to Use LDAP for Login Authentication

Kerberos Configuration and Use

Kerberos Fundamentals
Linux Kerberos Server Configuration
Kerberos Application Server Configuration
Linux Kerberos Client Configuration
Windows Kerberos Tools

Remote Text-Mode Administration and Use

What Can Text-Mode Logins Do?
SSH Server Configuration
Telnet Server Configuration
Windows Remote-Login Tools

Running GUI Programs Remotely

What Can GUI Logins Do?
Using Remote X Access
Encrypting X by SSH Tunneling
VNC Configuration and Use
Running Windows Programs from Linux

Linux Thin Client Configurations

The Role of Thin Client Computing
Hardware Requirements
Linux as a Server for Thin Clients
Linux as a Thin Client

Configuring Mail Servers

Linux Mail Server Options
Configuring Sendmail
Configuring Postfix
Configuring POP and IMAP Servers
Scanning for Spam, Worms, and Viruses
Supplementing a Microsoft Exchange Server
Using Fetchmail

Network Backups

Backup Strategies
Backing Up the Linux System
Backing Up with Samba
Backing Up with AMANDA

Managing a Network with Linux

Delivering IP Addresses with DHCP
Delivering Names with DNS
Keeping Clocks Synchronized with NTP

What are the course deliverables ?

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• Receive reading material
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• Clear the exam and get hard copy and soft copy certificate with LinkedIn recommendation

Program Schedule

• No fixed dates.
• Prepare and appear for certification exam

Program Highlights

Benefits of Vskills Certification
• Government certification
• No Minimum educational qualification
• No time commitment
• Improve employability
• Certification valued and approved by Industry
• Become a part of Vskills Job centre for life
• Enriched professional experience by being a Vskills Alumni

Desired Course Seeker Profile

• No minimum eligibility
• No experience needed