Vskills Certified Django Developer (Govt. Certification)



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What is this course about

Introduction to Django

Web Framework
Django evolution

Getting Started

Database setup
Project components and setup

The Basics of Dynamic Web Pages

Dynamic content
URLconfs and view mapping
Django request handling process
URL patterns and Errors

The Django Template System

Template system basics
Using template system
Template tags and filters
Template in views and loading

Interacting with a Database: Models

The MTV pattern
Database Configuration
Model Definition and installation
Data and schema access and management

The Django Administration Site

Accessing and using the admin interface
Customizing the admin interface

Form Processing

Form creation and processing
Validation Rules
Customizing layout and formatting
Forms from Models

Advanced Views and URLconfs

Function Imports and multiple view prefixes
Named Groups
Extra Options to views
Default View arguments
Including other URLconfs

Generic Views

Generic Views
Extending Generic views

Extending the Template Engine

RequestContext and Context Processors
Extending Templates
Custom Template Filters and Loaders

Generating Non-HTML Content

Views and MIME-types
Generate CSV and PDF
RSS and Sitemap

Sessions, Users, and Registration

Session Framework
Users and Authentication
Permissions, Groups, Messages, and Profiles


Cache Setup
Cache API
Vary and Cache headers

Other Contributed Subframeworks

The Django Standard Library
Sites Framework
Flatpages and Redirects
CSRF Protection


Built-in Middleware

Integrating with Legacy Databases and Applications

Using inspectdb
Specifying Authentication Back-ends
Integrating with Legacy Web Applications

Extending Django's Admin Interface

Customizing Admin Templates
Custom Admin Views


Standard Translation Functions
Creating Language Files
Django Language Preference
Translations in JavaScript


SQL Injection
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Cross-Site Request Forgery
Email Header Injection
Directory Traversal
Exposed Error Messages

Deploying Django

Basic Configuration
Multiple Django Installations
Scaling, Load Balancing and Redundancy
Performance Tuning

What are the course deliverables ?

• Post registration get login credentials of your online profile
• Receive reading material
• Post preparation, schedule exam date and exam center from your online profile within six months of order date.
• Clear the exam and get hard copy and soft copy certificate with LinkedIn recommendation

Program Schedule

• No fixed dates.
• Prepare and appear for certification exam

Program Highlights

Benefits of Vskills Certification
• Government certification
• No Minimum educational qualification
• No time commitment
• Improve employability
• Certification valued and approved by Industry
• Become a part of Vskills Job centre for life
• Enriched professional experience by being a Vskills Alumni

Desired Course Seeker Profile

• No minimum eligibility
• No experience needed