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What is this course about

1. Customer Focus
1.1 What is Customer Focus
1.2 Customer Focus Elements
1.3 Customer Focus Levels

2. Customer Expectations
2.1 What is customer expectations
2.2 Customer Expectations Relevance
2.3 Types of Expectations
2.4 Expectations Model
2.5 Managing Expectations
2.6 New-Age Customer Expectations
2.7 Customer Feedback
2.8 Handling Customer Expectations

3. Customer Needs
3.1 Consumer Need
3.2 Understanding Customer Needs
3.3 Hulls Drives Reduction Theory
3.4 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
3.5 McClelland’s Three Needs Theory
3.6 Consumer Motivation Concept
3.7 Means - End Chain Model

4. Consumer Perception
4.1 Perception Basics
4.2 Elements of Perception
4.3 The Absolute Threshold
4.4 The Differential Threshold
4.5 Subliminal Perception
4.6 Process of Perception
4.7 Value of Product
4.8 Choosing a Value Proposition
4.9 Dynamics of Perception
4.10 Perceptual Organization
4.11 Consumer Imagery

5. Consumer Attitudes
5.1 Attitude Basics
5.2 Models of Attitude
5.3 Attitude Formation
5.4 Strategies of Attitude Change

6. Customer Focused Organization
6.1 Customer Focus Strategies
6.2 Building a Customer Focussed Culture
6.3 Maintaining Customer Focus
6.4 Customer Focus Development
6.5 Developing Customer Orientated Culture
6.6 Checklist for Customer Focus

7. Customer Focused Interaction
7.1 Social Media
7.2 Applying Knowledge Management
7.3 Using Mobile Technology
7.4 Customer Focused Employees

8. Customers Listening and Tools
8.1 Customer Complaints
8.2 Complaint Barriers
8.3 Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)
8.4 Voice Of the Customer
8.5 Benchmarking
8.6 Business Performance Measures

What are the course deliverables ?

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Program Schedule

• No fixed dates.
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Program Highlights

Benefits of Vskills Certification
• Government certification
• No Minimum educational qualification
• No time commitment
• Improve employability
• Certification valued and approved by Industry
• Become a part of Vskills Job centre for life
• Enriched professional experience by being a Vskills Alumni

Desired Course Seeker Profile

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