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What is this course about

1. Introduction to Sexual Harassment
1.1 What is Sexual Harassment
1.2 Evolving Phenomenon of Sexual Harassment and it’s Forms
1.3 Types of Harassers
1.4 Causes of Sexual Harassment
1.5 Impact of Sexual Harassment
1.6 Principles for Sexual Harassment Determination
1.7 Vishaka Guidelines and the Law

2. Legal Framework in India
2.1 The Constitution of India
2.2 The Indian Penal Code
2.3 The Indian Evidence Act
2.4 The Contract Law
2.5 Torts
2.6 Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013

3. PoSH Act 2013 Introduction
3.1 Act Enactment and Functioning
3.2 Features of the Act
3.3 Basics of the Act
3.4 Definitions and Terminologies
3.5 Preventive Measures of Sexual Harassment
3.6 Forms of Workplace Sexual Harassment
3.7 Consequences
3.8 Criticism of the Act

4. Prevention and Prohibition in PoSH Act 2013
4.1 Strategies for Prevention
4.2 Who is responsible for prevention?
4.3 Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
4.4 Local Complaints Committee(LCC)
4.5 Duties of the Employer
4.6 Duties and Powers of District Officer
4.7 Other Responsibilities
4.8 Penalty for Non-compliance of the Act

5. Redressal of Sexual Harrasment in PoSH Act 2013
5.1 Complaint Mechanism Legal Provisions
5.2 Complaints Registration Process
5.3 Responsibilities for Complaint Redressal
5.4 Inquiry Process
6. Process of Monitoring PoSH Act 2013
6.1 Monitoring Sexual Harassment
6.2 Steps to Prevent Sexual Harassment
6.3 Annual Report Filing
6.4 Submission of Reports

7. Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy
7.1 Main Elements of the Policy
7.2 Legal Requirements
7.3 Policy Formation
7.4 Policy Drafting Guidelines
7.5 Policy Checklist
7.6 Policy Implementation Steps
7.7 Policy Implementation Challenges
7.8 Publicizing the Policy
7.9 Policy Adherence
7.10 Auditing Anti-sexual harassment policy
7.11 Upgrading Anti-Harassment Policy

8. Communication and Training of Employees
8.1 Communicating Right Policy
8.2 Implementing a Sensitization Program
8.3 Conducting Workshops
8.4 Training
8.5 Best Practices
8.6 SHe-box

9. Miscellaneous
9.1 Sexual Harassment Around the Globe
9.2 Sample Audit Report
9.3 Sample PoSH Policy
9.4 Sexual Harassment Court Cases

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