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What is this course about

Design Thinking is a structured methodology used by designers to develop and deliver products, services and experiences that addresses complex latent needs of humans. By adopting Design Thinking principles a business can not only identify the latent needs of end users but also develop low cost working prototypes for their needs and test them in real time. Design Thinking as a method can be applied to a situation where the problem is complex and is difficult to decipher. Using Design Thinking, organisations’ have been able to transform their cultures to become more innovative, which has had a positive impact on their top line and bottom line.

What are the course deliverables ?

The Design Thinking practitioner’s workshop programme designed by KPMG in India is a three-day extensive workshop. The workshop aims at familiarising participants with the methodology and tools of design thinking. The workshop will also aim to help participants to utilise tools effectively and help them deploy the Design Thinking process to conceive new products, services and experiences.

Some of the tools that would be discussed and used during the workshop include creating personas, journey maps, stakeholder maps, empathy maps, brainstorming, prototyping, etc.

Program Schedule

Course method and tools:
A few of the instructor-facilitated methods and tools which would be used as appropriate include:
Case studies
Individual assignments
Group assignments
Spot quizzes
Field visits
Warm ups - Activate your wits
Role plays.

Key topics:
Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - Design thinking strategy and capability
Module 3 – Explore
Module 4 – Ideate
Module 5 – Create
Module 6 – Evolve
Module 7 – Design for services

Program Highlights

What is in it for you?
To be able to apply the Design Thinking concept
To work in a team to visualise and design a possible new product or service and to assess the market, business and technical merits of that concept
To learn to listen to the voice of a customer (VoC) and empathise with them
To evaluate the financial viability of a new product or service
To be able to assess risks in design assignments.

In class – three days
For home study – approximately two hours per day.

Pedagogy and Certification:

The progress of each individual is monitored by our instructors through multiple components such as case studies, quizzes, class participation, etc.

Minimum requirements to complete the course are as follows:
Attend the three- day practitioner’s workshop
Finish all aspects of the workshop and submit the group project within the stipulated time
Participants will be awarded with a Certification of Completion by KPMG in India
Certificates will be issued within 30 days of successful completion of the course

Location Workshop Dates
Bangalore 27th to 29th Feb 2020
Mumbai 12th to 14th Mar 2020
Gurgaon 19th to 21st Mar 2020
Pune 5th to 7th March 2020
Hyderabad 12th to 14th Mar 2020
Chennai 19th to 21st Mar 2020


Desired Course Seeker Profile

The course is intended for middle level and middle management professionals and can be attended by professionals from across sectors, domains and industries.

Potential participants include:

Research and development leaders and managers
Project leads and managers
Agile coaches
Marketing professionals
Business analysts
Sales professionals
Design and innovation enthusiasts
Design and innovation practitioners.