KPMG-Competency Development Programme on Lean Six Sigma Black Belt



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What is this course about

Lean Six Sigma has today become one of the most prevalent methodologies to achieve higher levels of performance and many of the success stories in Lean Six Sigma revolve around effective change
agents. Our Black Belt programme aims to enable your transformation into an effective change agent.

What are the course deliverables ?

 KPMG in India offers a 8-day thorough 64 hour contact programme designed with adaptive learning methodology.The programme spans across two 4-day modules to adopt concepts and practice better. The programme is delivered by experienced senior KPMG in India professionals who share thoughts to nurture experiential learning. The programme provides in-depth understanding and interpretation using statistical tools, concepts and techniques to make fact-based decisions, use data to draw business conclusions, analyze accurate trends and metrics for their practical use, conduct depth causes analysis and innovate for organisational transformation. It brings practical demonstration of statistical tools and provide an opportunity to practice sufficient

Program Schedule

Phase 1: 11 - 14 April, 2019
Phase 2: 9- 12 May, 2019
Phase 1: 20 - 23 April, 2019
Phase 2: 16- 19 May, 2019
Phase 1: 4-7 April, 2019
Phase 2: 9- 12 May, 2019
Phase 1: 25 - 28 April, 2019
Phase 2: 23- 26 May, 2019

Desired Course Seeker Profile

•Innovation, transformation and change leaders, professionals managing Lean Six Sigma teams
•Lean Six Sigma practitioners involved in high impact transformational projects
•Decision makers in varied roles across industry and domain
•Professionals involved in process control, quality and improvement
•Aspirants for data analytics, research, process engineering and re-engineering initiatives
•Aspirants for Lean improvement, waste reduction,
production and service efficiency