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This position is responsible to check the real security status and coordinate the conduct of on-site supervision of Company's Wholesale earning assets (stock cars) that locate at dealers through physical audit or control, in order to support the prevention of fraud and controlling of default. Besides, as expert in on-site audit area, Executive Stock Audit Coordinatorsupports Stock Audit Management to optimize process, supervise working quality of stock auditors, and provide training for internal/external stock auditors:

1. This position ensures that the accurate information about dealers’ use of wholesale product could be collected in time, and any suspected deterioration of dealer’s operation could be noticed by headquarter and then triggers intensive control.
2. This position ensures that stock audits are conducted and reported as per guidelines approved by Head Quarter.
3. This position ensures on-site monitor of dealers with high risk by requirements from the headquarters to guarantee the safety of wholesale cars.
4. This position assists in vendor (audit agencies) appointment and management (invoices, documentation etc.) as per approved outsourcing guidelines.
5. This position assists the conduction of training program to internal/external auditors, and be responsible to check other stock auditor’s working result via “audit the auditor” process.

 Internal / ExternalCustomers
1. Stock Audit Co-ordination - Strictly complying with the company’s stock audit regulations and detailed audit plans to conduct the audit assignment, and to feedback results via standard reports:
• In stock audit preparation stage, the stock audit coordinator should inform team members and audit partners’ detailed work, coordinate the synchronization of team work execution, and ensure the high confidentialness of the plan towards dealer.
• The stock audit coordinator should report and facilitate any plan change when team member meets force majeure and fails to conduct the original plan. The stock audit coordinator needs to ensure that all members exactly conduct the stock plan which is arranged by Stock Audit Planner following a rotation rule.
• Stock auditors should audit the financed vehicle based on the wholesale stock list, gather reporting materials(like photos of cars, copies of invoice, etc.), and inform team leader the audit result before leaving.
• The stock audit coordinator should consolidate all the audit results from team members, ensure that all the car status are identified and confirm the audit result with dealer via signature. Then instruct team members to finish audit, and collect all the materials from members.
• The stock audit coordinator should be in regular touch with team members (both internal and external) to ensure audit is carried out smoothly and as per process.
• If any serious breach is found during stock audit, like a big amount of cars is missing, or there is a suspected fraud risk, like dealer mortgages company's financed cars to a third party, stock auditor has to inform headquarter immediately and control the rest vehicles.
• If stock auditor meets any dealer bribery intention or behavior, he must follow the Code of Conduct set and report to headquarter immediately.


Other functions in Stock Audit Management Team; Dealer Funding Operations ; Wholesale Business Regional Managers


Wholesale Partner Dealers
Stock audit agencies (vendors / outsourced partners)

2. Dealer Monitoring- Executing the on-site monitor of dealers with high risk according to requirements from the headquarters to ensure the safety of wholesale cars:
• Coordinating the Audit of the wholesale cars in stock as per frequency set in collateral audit guideline,consolidatingthe stock audit report and sending car documents or keys management records to the headquarters.

Other functions in Risk Management Department;
Wholesale Back-office Department;
Intensive Loan Management Function
Wholesale Dealer Funding Operations
Wholesale Business Regional Managers


Wholesale Partner Dealers
Stock audit agencies
3. Vendor Management - Assisting in vendor(stock audit agency) appointment as per outsourcing guideline:
• Maintain required documentation related to vendor empanelment and procurement policy.
• Ensure invoices are received timely and check for discrepancies.
• Liase with Accounts and payments department for provisions and bill processing.

Internal :

Other functions in Stock Audit Management Team;
Finance Department;
Human Resource Department


Stock audit agencies
4. Record and data Management:
• Extracting the wholesale stock list on daily basis.
• Check for Vehicle Identification Numbers where (Sold off Trust) SOT needs to be marked.
• Preparation of Management Information System (related to outstanding payments, failure and other key ratios) for circulation.
• Facilitate archival of stock audit reports as mentioned in collateral audit guidelines. Internal:
Other functions in Stock Audit Management Team; Dealer Funding Operations ; Wholesale Business Regional Managers


Wholesale Partner Dealers
Stock audit agencies (vendors / outsourced partners)

5. Training -Assisting the conduction of training program to internal/external auditors and conduct “audit the auditor” task:
• Offering detailed practice training to internal newauditors, writing training records based on actual training situation, evaluating auditor’s performance in probation period, and providing suggestions regarding further training arrangement and employment decision.
• Assisting giving proposals towards the update of training materials along with the continuously optimized working process and offering suggestions about process optimization based upon the practice experience.
• For new colleagues who work in Wholesale related function,to provide introduction about the stock audit work.
• According to Stock Audit Deviser’s arrangement, conduct “audit the auditor” process to cross check the working quality of other internal/external stock auditor’s work, in order to prevent personal risk and enhance process security. Internal:
Stock Audit Deviser;
Stock Auditor;
All Wholesale Related Functions who needs to get Stock Audit Training


External Stock Auditor from Outsourcing Company
6. Special Task:
• Upon the request or requirement from the team leader, achieving the special task by the deadline. Internal:
Stock Audit Management
Risk Management


7. Travel Coordination for Internal Stock Auditors- In case of stock audit by internal employee ,assisting colleagues at headquarters to make efficient and economical travel plans by actively gathering transportation and accommodation information at dealers’ stock places, so as to control the stock audit cost effectively:
• Recording detailed travel routes and expense in the stock audit working records every day.
• Based on the requirement from the finance department, sorting expense invoices and filling in claim forms.

Other functions in Stock Audit Management Team;
Finance Department;
Human Resource Department

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