Frequently Asked Questions

My Profile

Q. Why is it important to complete mandatory information in my profile?
A. Our team reviews your profile as soon as you complete mandatory information. Please ensure that you complete all mandatory fields as soon as you register. A complete and updated profile will also give you better search results and job recommendations.

Q. What is the Profile Meter?
A. The Profile Meter indicates the percentage of your profile that is complete. It is the ratio between the information you have entered and the total information required to complete your profile.

Q. I have put in all the information but my profile is not showing 100% complete. How do I ensure the completeness of my profile on HeadHonchos?
A. Ensure that you have entered all details in every field, including your preferences. Remember to upload your updated resume as most recruiters prefer that the candidate’s resume is attached with their profile.

Q. How do I ensure the confidentiality of my profile on HeadHonchos?
A. To keep information confidential, please use the Masking facility. You can Mask:

  • Your complete profile or a full section: It gives you options to either hide your entire profile or a complete section for eg., Work Experience or Personal. You can manage confidentiality by going to 'Settings' .

Q. How do I upload my Resume on HeadHonchos?
A. There is an option to browse and upload a resume file in the Summary section of the 'Profile' page. Once you select the file, please click on the 'Save' button to complete uploading your resume. The system supports uploading of maximum of three files in .doc, .docx, .pdf format; upto 500 KB each.

Job Search

Q. What is a Saved Search?
A. A saved Search is a short cut to the searches you would use often. It saves you the time and effort to run a particular search repeatedly. When you save a search you can create a reference name for it.

Q. How will Saved Searches help me find better matched jobs?
A. When you save a search, you receive job alerts based on the search preferences entered by you. Enter relevant keywords to refine your search and get well-matched job alerts. You also save time and effort to run a particular search repeatedly.

Q. I am interested in applying for a job, but the recruiting company is listed as 'Confidential'.
A. A company can choose to keep the employer's name confidential. If the company finds your profile relevant, they will get back to you accordingly. There is no restriction on applying for such jobs.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of jobs I can apply to?
A. As long as your Gold/Platinum Membership is valid, there is no limit to the number of jobs you can apply for. However, we suggest that members apply to the most relevant jobs as application spam will reduce the credibility of your candidature.

Q. Can I be assured of a desired job opportunity with a stipulated time?
A. Typically, it takes an average of 3-6 months to find the right job in the senior job space as the real challenge is to find the right job and fitment for a candidate. However, there is no golden rule except to keep your profile and preferences updated at all times so that when the appropriate opportunity is available you can make the most of it.

Q. Why am I am not receiving Job alerts from HeadHonchos?
A. Check if our email address has been blocked by your mail management software or if the mails are going into your junk/spam folder. It could be possible that you have unsubscribed to E-mail job alerts. To subscribe to job recommendations and job alerts, go to the Settings page and in Contact Settings, check the box to receive E-mail alerts. If you still do not receive any mail from us, email us at or call on +91-9324924303 (Monday-Friday, IST 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.).


Q. How do I manage the mails/communication from HeadHonchos?
A. Registered members can manage which newsletters they receive from us and the frequency by logging into the Settings section. Check the communication you wish to receive by clicking on the options in the Preference Centre. The status Active/Unsubscribed indicates that which communication you are receiving from us at any point.
If you are an unregistered user and wish to hear from us or to stop receiving emails from us,
click here to visit the Preference Centre»
All e-mails from us also carry an Unsubscribe link in the footer and we process unsubscribe requests without exception.

Q. How do I change the email / Login ID on HeadHonchos?
A. The email ID you register on HeadHonchos is also your Login ID. To change your email ID go to the Settings page and update your email ID in the My Account section. An email verification link will be sent to your new email ID to confirm the email address. Please click on the link to activate the new Email ID. Till then, your Login ID will continue to be the old E-mail ID.

Q. How do I block a particular company from viewing my profile on HeadHonchos?
A. On the 'Settings' page, click on the 'Block Companies' tab. Select the company you want to block from the list provided.

Shopping Cart

Q. What methods of payment are available with HeadHonchos?
A. HeadHonchos gives you the flexibility to pay through cheque/demand draft, credit card and internet banking. When you go to the Shopping Cart you will be guided through your chosen option. Select the payment option and click 'Confirm Order'. You will be directed to a new page either to make a secure online payment or to process an offline transaction.

Q. Will I receive a receipt for a payment to HeadHonchos?
A. When you make any online payment, we send you an online Invoice cum receipt on your email ID immediately. In case of a cheque, D/D we send you an invoice when at the time of making the purchase and the receipt once we receive your payment.


Q. How is the Executive Resume service different from other resume writing services?
A. The Executive Resume service draws on our expertise to position your profile based on your objectives. Our Resume Counsellors have over 10 years experience on average and an in-depth knowledge of various industry verticals. We don't simply rewrite, edit and format resumes. We create targeted resumes designed to have a specific, immediate impact on decision-makers.

Q. How does HeadHonchos contact me once I opt for Executive Resume?
A. Once you buy the Executive Resume service, your Resume Counsellor will call you for a detailed discussion on your profile. If you’re based outside India, you need to call on the number provided by your Resume Counsellor. The time of the call can be mutually decided between you and your Resume Counsellor.

Q. What if I need to modify the resume written by your consultants?
A. We share the draft version of the Resume with you and if you feel the need for further modifications, once we have your feedback, your Resume Counsellor will discuss and make changes accordingly.

Q. How long would it take to draft my resume?
We will revert to you with the first draft of your Resume within 8 business days from your discussion with the Resume Counsellor.

Q. Can I enroll for Executive Resumes without a HeadHonchos Membership?
A. To avail Executive Resumes you need to be a registered member of HeadHonchos. You can avail this service even with a Basic Membership.

Q. Can I enroll for Career Analytics without a membership?
A. To avail our Career Analytics you need to be a registered member of HeadHonchos. You can avail these services even with a Basic Membership.

Career Assessments

Q. What are Career Assessments?
A. Trusted by top employers and recruitment firms for critical hiring and development decisions, profiling tools are now available to individuals for the first time in India in association with leading names in psychometric assessments.
These online self-awareness and career-fitment tests are reliable indicators of personality, behaviour and emotional capability that help individuals in making informed career choices.

Q. What are Thomas Assessments?
A. Thomas Assessments are self-awareness and career-fitment tests that profile an individual's personality, behavior, emotional capability and mental aptitude at work. These are used by employers and recruiters while making a hiring decisions and assessing job fitment.
Thomas Assessments are available for the first time in India to candidates through an exclusive collaboration between HeadHonchos and Thomas International.

Q. What are SHL Assessments?
A. SHL is a truly global business, providing behavioural and ability assessment tools and services in 30+ languages. Their solutions are backed by years of scientific research, extensive trials and robust validation studies. SHL’s products and services help companies meet the challenges of recruiting, managing and retaining their best talent.

Q. What are Talent Q Assessments?
A. Talent Q provides innovative online psychometric assessments, training and assessment consulting, addressing talent management challenges throughout the employee lifecycle.

Q. What are Talent Metrix Assessments?
A. HeadHonchos in collaboration with human capital consulting firm TalentMetrix offer the unique PREDICTIVE Chally talent analytics to help senior executives make informed career decisions and optimize their individual innate Talent DNA for personal and professional success. HR Chally, a talent assessment organization, offers the opportunity through this assessment to leverage on 35+ years of scientific job research

Q. What are ANAHAT Assessments?
A. Anahat specializes in training and development, and is a distributor of psychometric instruments in India. Anahat’s consulting offerings include coaching, OD Interventions and training in the areas of Leadership, Collaboration and Change Management.
Anahat has been an official distributor of CPP's psychometric instruments since 2005, and has certified more than 1200 people on the use of CPP's instruments, such as the MBTI®, FIRO-B® and CPI260TM.

Q. How do I know which tests to take?
A. All tests are unique. Each test offers an overview of three different areas i.e., personality, emotional capability and mental aptitude. Each test provides rich insights on an individual's competencies and work style.

Q. How are these tests beneficial for me?
A. The assessment is much more than a typical personality test and utilizes actuarial databases to create Predictive Talent Analytics that successfully predict a person’s work-skill potential versus merely describing one’s personality. Your Career Management Report will provide an insight into a series of Skill Groups critical to success at work. The goal of using this assessment is to help you maximize effectiveness by identifying untapped strengths, areas for coaching where attention can develop a strength or skill gaps which can become detailers in certain situations.

Q. How do I take a test?
A. Login to your HeadHonchos account and click on Career Services tab. Click on Psychometric Assessments, select from the list of tests. Once your payment has been processed, you receive a service activation email. Click on the link to complete the test and the report will be mailed on your registered E-mail Id.

Q. How long will it take to receive my scored results?
A. Please allow 7 to 10 business days from the day we receive your answer sheets.

Q. Time taken for completion of the tests?
A. A11. 60 minutes is the average time taken to complete the assessment.

Q. How do you justify the cost of the test?
A. Considering the benefits listed in response to question 1, this report is one of the finest investment you can make for yourself growth as well as for your career!