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now-hiringEvery office has them and everyone – from the MD down to the management trainee – admires their talent. Though it is not a formal designation, the role of Chief Stress Busting Officer (CSO) is one that many office-goers take on willingly, bringing humour to the routine of corporate life. Meet the CSOs: the ones that make office fun and lighten up the atmosphere with their personal brand of humour, a limitless supply of jokes and effortless wit!

The Jester

Profile Summary: A permanent grin on the face, surprising antics up his/her sleeve, the modern-day entertainer in a business suit.

ULP (Unique Laughing Proposition): A great storyteller who can narrate the dullest events in a fun way, often with accompanying sound effects/action.

Meet a Jester: He is known by one and all by his last name – Shah. Whenever there is a formal office occasion, Shah is the man to go to. He can charm any audience, introducing the topic/theme of the event in a funny yet subtle manner, building anticipation in the audience and creating a ‘what’s next’ effect before bringing the perfect end to every story.
During one of his company townhalls, here’s how he introduced the theme of ‘customer centricity’. With help from a couple of willing colleagues, he dressed himself as Charlie Chaplin and provided customer service to peers who enacted the roles of various customers. In a very Chaplin-esque manner, he tried to make his three customers share a single seat in the office. By the end of the act everyone was in splits, when he held up a banner that said, “Think it’s time for me to learn about Customer Centricity”.

Shah wears the hat of ‘corporate jester’ with pride…

The Mimic

Profile Summary: Dead-pan humorist even while delivering hilarious punch lines, a complete entertainer with powers of observation that no one can escape.

ULP (Unique Laughing Proposition): A great performer who identifies the smallest idiosyncrasies in a person and imitates him/her with killer-precision.

Meet a Mimic: Be it a Bollywood actor or the security guard at the office gate, Abhishek can imitate anyone to perfection. Despite being a great mimic, he takes care not to offend anyone with his act or hurt anyone’s sentiments. In fact, he is such a hit that often people ask him to mimic them. While his Mithun-da act is legendary, this unique performance by Abhishek won his entire team’s affection. After a disappointing performance review that dented the morale of the team, he turned around the mood by enacting how famous actors would react if Bollywood adopted corporate-style performance appraisals. So, while Hema Malini’s characterisation of Basanti drew flak for speaking too much and not listening to her customers, the iconic character of ‘Raj’ from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was showered with praises for being a multitasker and a corporate star!

Abhishek lives the title of ‘corporate wit’ with aplomb…

The Satirist

Profile Summary: A tongue-in-cheek humorist, an astute commentator on current affairs and a sparkling conversationalist with a lethal sense of humour.

ULP (Unique Laughing Proposition): Great comic timing and wit laced with sarcasm that does not spare anyone.

Meet a Satirist: She can crack up anybody or any situation with her trademark punch lines, delivered in a typical understated style. Meet Annu, the un-official stress buster of a leading PR firm. Being in a media-centric industry, she always has the inside scoop and odd bits of gossip up her sleeve. During a rather difficult renewal meeting with one of her clients, she sealed the deal the moment she delivered this gem, “It may pinch your pocket to hire us again, but take solace, because, for the rest of the year, we are at your disposal to pinch us back!”

Annu carries the band of ‘corporate humourist’ with dignity…

The PJ King/Queen

Profile Summary: A living repository of poor jokes (PJs), a Santa-Banta fan, an irrepressible humorist.

ULP (Unique Laughing Proposition): A great speaker who can draw a smile through his incorrigible and often unexpected PJs.

Meet a PJ King: He is the undisputed king of poor jokes in his IT firm. Nilesh brings with him a plethora of PJs, often related to the IT industry, to liven up life. An uncanny topical connect plus daily mail forwards and Facebook jokes make him an instant hit with his peers and bosses alike.

He is now an international phenomenon, after a stellar performance in the recent ‘All-branches Internet Meet’. As the broadband threw a few challenges, disconnecting the branches often, Nilesh in his trademark style quipped, “Who can tell me why our firm is not able to garner enough media visibility?” It was met with complete silence, as no one could understand the context of the question. With a grin on his face, he said, “Look people the answer is in front of you. Being in IT, we think we are nerdy, gawky and therefore the world should not see our faces, much like the way we do not want to see each others’ right now!”

Nilesh upholds the flag of ‘PJ King’ with delight…

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