Five Things To Do On The Last Day Of Your Job

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So, it’s time for you to move on — a glorified profile and relocation to a perfect destination is on the cards. What more could you ask for? Wait! There is this dreaded last day at work that you have to deal with on your way out. If you are out of sorts and have no idea how to deal with this bummer, here are a few tips that could help.

And no, calling your personal secretary for crucial advice at this crunch situation is not an option!

Bling it on!To Do List

Remember the time when your team sniggered at your no-nonsense office outfit? They called it a uniform! Here’s that ‘golden’ opportunity to show your true colours. A little bling and a riot of colours on your ultimate day are not going to harm anyone. It may, however, get you a few cat calls.

If your team finds it funny and annoying that the boss is not colour coordinated, tell them that this is exactly how you felt when the senior manager wore blue stripped formal shirts paired with brown pants for a client meeting, just because it was his birthday present!


If your team has decided to treat you to a farewell lunch, make it an affair to remember. Pick a venue of your choice for the do and let the circus begin. Once at the hotel, recall the number of days you have taken the team out and they have ordered everything there was on the menu. If it had burned a hole in your pocket then, it’s payback time now.

Don’t worry as this is your last supper with them and your colleagues are really not ashard pressed as they pretend to be.

No kidding

Bringing your son’s project work to office and making the team work towards it has a two-in-one benefit. First, of course, the work gets done and the spouse is happy. Second, it is a subtle way of letting your team know that you could fathom why the printing machine was always busy. If they could take time out to do a little bit of homework at the workplace, so can you. Better still, make them do the project while a presentation is hanging like sword of Damocles on their head. What better way to teach them time management?

For that special employee who always cribbed under his breathe about extra work, give him the task to proof read the 15,000 words of the project. He’ll do it forthe chance that you will take some colleagues with you to the next job.

Talk marathon

It’s time to put on your talking shoes and make up for all those times when you could not be a part of office gossip. Spend time at every cubicle to make small talk. Engage your team in banter like there is no tomorrow. Ask them ridiculous questions and expect an answer. If they are getting jittery and want to leave the conversation, pull them into your cabin to talk over coffee.

Identify the most talkative people in your department who are also work shirkers and play this prank on them – call them to your cabin and do not give them scope to talk much. It’s your day and you must do all the talking. They have little option but to listen patiently.

Ready, steady & auction!

You have spent a lot of time in this organisation and your cabin reflects that. From old and rusty artefacts to gifts that were not worth taking home, there is a lot of stuff around you. There is no point lugging it all the way home. What better way to dispose of these things and yet maintain a benevolent status at work than to give them away? Make a hullabaloo about how much the item means to you and how the employee is lucky that you have picked him for that particular piece of junk.

Make sure you have a little something for each member in the team. Market each product with such exuberance that the employee will feel you have given away a treasure!

And, now, walk out for that last time, amid a cheer from your ‘former’ colleagues.

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