5 Cures to a Back-to-Work Hangover

Back To Work

The feeling strikes most Indians right about this time of the year. Yes, right after Diwali, most of us are feeling the post-vacation blues.

Unlike clinical depressions, post-vacation blues do not require professional treatment- they do, however, require action. If left untreated, they can result in loss of productivity in the upcoming days. With so many days having gone by with unproductive lazing around, how do you become the asset you used to be? Every organization wants a diligent worker they can trust, even if a day post a long vacation.

Read through this five point ‘Get-back-to-work’ guide based on collective experience that might help you beat your post-vacation blues on the first day of resuming your job:

1. Start with a High Power Meeting

The first day back at work is the worst. You really don’t want to be at your desk- but there are a million emails that are just waiting to be answered! The only way that you’ll feel like working and catching up is if you call for a meeting with your team- a status update and re-coordination will make you feel like you have a handle on what you missed.

2. Sort Mails as per People

You will have to deal with your emails eventually. Forget reading them one after the other- the easiest way to get to the important ones is to search by the important people/projects that need to be tackled/have deadlines. The others you can get around to eventually.

3. Start with Something New or Important

The most interesting or the most challenging project will compel you to switch to your highest work gear. Also, since you are charged after a great vacation, you might be full of great ideas that’ll help with your productivity, as well as propel your business to another level. Even if you don’t have revolutionary ideas, the fact that you got out of bed this morning to come and work will make you work in a much more efficient way.

4. Turn off Social Media

The information overload will take over your day if you give into social networking and check your social profiles. Social media eats into work days, even when you’re completely charged up and ready to nail your job. However, right now, it will only make you feel lazy and complacent to work all over again. Turn it off so that you can focus on one thing at a time.

5. Keep It Long or Short

Some prefer keeping their first work day short so that they can get off to a slow start. This helps when you are the kind of person who likes to ease back to work. You prefer to start out comfortably, and finish with a bang. However, if you’re the kind of person who wants it all at once, you need to keep your first day long. In order to get back in the groove you need to feel the pressure, and you can only do that if you revisit your projects, revise all that you’ve forgotten, and get back on track with your job.

Have you snapped out of your post-vacation blues already?

Rahul Malhotra
Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO at HeadHonchos.
He has close to 14 years of experience across the executive search, recruitment, retail and internet verticals. One of the first to come on board, he holds an MBA degree from IMI, Belgium and a Diploma in Information Technology from Swinburne, Australia

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