10 Surprising Careers Choices That Will Fulfill Your Wanderlust

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Most travel fanatics find their ominous love for travelling crushed due to their jobs, leaving them with very less or no time to travel. But, imagine a life where you get paid to travel? Here is a list of careers that will have you travelling to your dream destinations around the world.

1. Wildlife Photographer


As a part of your job you’ll be asked to travel to jungles and safaris to shoot the animals. What’s not to love, really?

2. Diplomat

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Even though the IAS exams require a lot of studying, the jobs have its own perks and travelling frequently is just one of them. You get to travel to new cities and embrace new cultures. It’s worth the effort, to think of it.

3. Interpreter




If you become an interpreter of an eminent official, you get to travel everywhere your speaker goes. Maybe it’s time to learn a new language.

4. Flight Attendant



This job takes you to new places every single day! Imagine taking a flight daily and landing up in a new city or town!

5. Retail Buyer


If you like shopping other than traveling, this is probably the best job on the planet for you as you get to travel to different countries and shop for a living! What can be better than being paid for shopping and travelling?

6. Wedding Organizer


If you are a wedding organizer in India, chances are the destination wedding fervour is going to make you travel all over the globe. And here’s the best part, no matter where you go, you take the festivities with you!

7. Travel Nurse



Yes, it’s a real job. As a travel nurse, hospitals provide patients with nurses to travel with them. Oh, did we mention it pays pretty well?

8. Travel Writer



How about traveling all over the world and writing about what you see and your experiences. By the way, you don’t have to pay a dime to travel because your company pays you to try different things worldwide.

9. Travel Tour Guide



This job that not only gives you the perks of traveling, but is also a sure-shot way of interacting with new people from all over the world. Other than the experience, knowledge comes free with this career choice!

10. Pilot


A tad extra effort and you can earn a lot of money and make your travelling dreams come true at the same time.

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