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10 fonts that can never let your resume look unprofessional

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. The same way you create your image via your resume even before you walk into a job interview. The people evaluating and interviewing you will form opinions about you before they meet you, based on how you present your resume. Fortunately and unfortunately, these opinions can be split-second assumptions. So, it’s vital that your resume makes a grand first impression visually by looking professional and well structured. Since an average job seeker’s resume composes primarily of text, your font choice plays a big role. ....read more

Get your facts straight before you take up Career Coaching

In order to make some serious career decisions in today’s time, a lot of people consider the idea of seeking support from Career Coaching sessions. It is observed that before one decides to take up career coaching – he/she presume a lot of notions attached to it– whether true or not. Before you make a firm stand based on these general misconceptions it is important to get all your facts clear associated with career coaching – ....read more