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JOb Snap Poll | August 2013

At a senior level, the key challenge that employers and recruitment consultants face is finding professionals with a spot-on profile that fits the role requirement.

The picture is not too different from the other side of the table.

In a snap poll conducted by on what is the most challenging part of a job search, the routine of persistently searching & applying for jobs was voted the toughest part of a job search. Of the 3 key processes during a typical job search – documentation, the actual job search and interviewing – it is the task of scrolling through job listings and visiting countless job descriptions that emerged as most daunting, with 58% of participants ranking it the toughest part of their job search.

This is followed by 26% of poll participants, who ranked writing a resume as being the most difficult part of their job search. Just 16% of participants voted that undergoing rounds of interviews is the most demanding part of a job search.

For middle-management and senior professionals who look for the right career opportunity, considerations of job profile, compensation and growth prospects have to be carefully evaluated before they think of applying for a job. Personal considerations also come into play and further limit the opportunities that a candidate could be open to. For example, family considerations can make location a crucial factor, when it comes to the decision of whether to click on the ‘Apply for job’ link.

On the other hand, super-specialisation & a growing focus on sharply targeted experience means that the job set can become limited. While, there are plenty of jobs out there, it is this kind of precision-matching that can take its toll on a jobseeker. To say nothing of the stress that goes with the long wait before getting an interview call.

On the other hand, for professionals at mid-management and senior positions, the interview emerges as less of a challenge. It seems that with experience, candidates have the confidence that they will sail through an interview. However, writing a resume that can take one through to that interview emerged as the #1 challenge for as many as 1/4th of participants in the poll.

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