Recap 2013: Top 5 career trends

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It’s the year when economic dynamics kept us on edge. Companies learnt to adapt to change with newer HR strategies. Professionals learnt to be flexible and keep career plans fluid.

Our top 5 trends in people management in 2013

social media-cartoon1#1. Careers & HR in India go social!

For companies’ social is no longer only about marketing and brands. It’s about HR. 

Social media became more pervasive in Indian workplaces, with Indian employees using more social tools at work than workers in other countries, states a Microsoft study. HR teams kept pace with the many ways employees have gone social, from conducting background checks on prospective hires to establishing social media policies & guidelines for employees. At the same time, in a snap poll conducted by, 89% of respondents said that their social profile definitely influences their career graph.

Work from Home#2. It’s back to conservatism

Work-from-home came into sharp focus with Yahoo!’s decision to revoke the option generating widespread debate. The bigger issue: is it time to roll-back the freeing of organisation cultures?

The move remained bogged in controversy with opinion firmly divided into pro- and anti- flexibility camps. If Yahoo!’s new policy signals a back-to-conservatism trend, the corporate world may well see a reversal of ‘liberal’ employee policies.


skill gap#3. Skill gap: here to stay

The widening skill gap was felt at the top of the pyramid as industry leaders grappled with sourcing managerial & leadership talent with the experience to run global enterprises. As per a PwC survey, about 81% of Indian CEOs viewed unavailability of key skills as the biggest threat to their growth prospects. Facing the daunting task of hiring the right talent, companies have put their focus on developing the next line of leaders through intensive succession programmes.


job creation#4. Job creation: the new political agenda

Job creation begins to grab attention & headlines in India – finally! While globally the US reported strong job growth, with unemployment rates dropping to a five-year low of 7.0% in November 2013, India still has a long way to go. With the Indian economy facing a downturn and failing to generate sufficient employment, job creation will be a critical issue for the Government, as per experts.

The good news that the year ended with positive news: as per ASSOCHAM new job creation in the country increased by 9% in Q2 of FY14.

skill#5. Employees first, please

Employee engagement and retaining key talent gained momentum this year with 91% employees being found to be ‘not engaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’ at their workplace, as per strategic consultant Gallup. Companies in India – Citi India, Google India, Philips and Aegis – put employee engagement on the front burner and pulled out stops to motivate their workforces.

Business executive, author and philanthropist, Vineet Nayar’s thinking – Employees First, Customers Second – seems to be gaining ground.

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