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A big thumbs up to multi-cultural, multi-national experience

The answer to whether professionals are ready to relocate for the sake of their career is a big ‘Yes’. In a Snap Poll conducted by HeadHonchos.com, Indian professionals voted that they are open and willing to move to a new city/country, if a new job or assignment calls for it.

Though moving to a new city is not an easy decision, especially for well-established professionals, 73% of respondents were ready to shift base if an interesting job came their way. 20% of voters said it was a tough consideration but felt they would try and work around possible constraints before turning down the opportunity. Only 7% felt they would let the job pass without giving it a second thought.


Based on a snap poll of 364 professionals|February 2015*

Relocation can be an expensive proposition that is often accompanied by big changes in professional and personal quality of life. However, it seems individuals are putting aside concerns like security issues, family upheaval and cultural differences in favour of gaining diverse experience across locations and cultures. The numbers point to an unstinted vote for career mobility that goes beyond the wish-list of a dollar CTC and an international stint to growing the ability to work in cross-cultural work environments.

As companies hire for diversity and the ability to manage diversity, the stamp of multi-cultural, multi-national experience is set to become a highly prized attribute on both sides of the table, with professionals ever ready to re-locate.


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