Snap Poll: What drives your career path?

When it comes to careers, there are no rights & wrongs, but it’s good to know what others might do. We bring you typical career scenarios. Drop in your vote to build some collective wisdom.

This week tell us what’s your take – a high risk career with maybe a significant payoff OR less risk and steady but not spectacular progress.

You have received not one - but two offers. Now CTC's being equal, select between :
  • Doesn (58%, 483 Votes)
  • A high-risk career with a chance at fame & fortune (30%, 249 Votes)
  • An equally tempting offer but lower risk, less spectacular growth (12%, 108 Votes)

Total Voters: 840

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Let’s talk careers. We’re keen to hear from you.

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52 thoughts on “Snap Poll: What drives your career path?

    1. My opinion is CTC must be as per nature of work and responsiblities.and employee should free to take justifaied desigen in fever of organization,

  1. I think , exercising option depends at what stage your career vis a vis your that stage
    For people like me, a retiree from PSU services, the best option could be bottom most option.
    NR Das

  2. Hi, I give jobsatisfaction top priority. Also where in I am free to take a decision in the interest of the organisation & my dept without any consent from Top mgt. Renumaration is secondary.

  3. Given an option it is better to stay with the bottom one . No matter what your pay packet is unless you enjoy what you do things will not fall in place.

  4. One spends maximum time of the day at work. Atleast waking hours. If you don’t enjoy most of it then only money / fame etc will get you no where.

  5. What is the point if you get a good pay packet & are doing what u dont enjoy.
    So the moral is enjoy u r work & b contentended with the pay.The more u desire the higher the dis-satisfaction.

    utorrent, limewire

  6. I think the ultimate goal in life is to have maximum amount of happy/delighted moments. One with billions in bank may spend all the time doing things which doesn’t necessarily give him fun moments. He may be richest in terms of money but not succesful in terms of life. So I feel with same CTCs if one is enjoying his/her work he would have made the best choice

  7. The foundaton of risk is always a most cases the downside probability is much higher than upside thats why it is called risk.

    If the asset at risk is not as precious as the upside as per your own yardstick…why not..but if it puts at stake something which is more valuable to point jumping. Therefore assesing the gain and loss from ones own perspective is the key (not from the common/ worlds point of view)

    1. @Gurmeet

      We agree that taking a risk is always about making a choice where you are taking a shot at the idea of success with your current laurels and position at stake.

      It however needs to be mentioned specifically that the payoffs need not always be in measurable form and acquiring an elusive soft-skill or learning a new trade could very well be the justification for a risk to be taken.

  8. I am not going to say something philosophical. I enjoy work whenever it is very challenging. Hence irrespective of the earning potential i would choose the most challenging. I believe that fame and fortune always favours the brave. Along with fame one automatically gets larger oppurtunities that brings fortune together with it.

  9. Challenging job helps bring out the best in a manager. Those who succeed will aspire to achieve still higher positions and challenges. Situations, circumstances and environments of working keep changing as one progresses in life, thus, gaining experience to deal with all kinds of situations. Those who rise to these challenges and risks will also be chosen for still higher responsibilities and that is what every one wants in life, i think.
    Hundreds of us join army as young officers and a large number of us make it to the pyramid of promotions with only one who reaches the top.
    Money (Lakshmi) will follow the brave.

    1. @Col SK Dutta

      We like how you have logically connected success and aspiration.

      Having a background in the army indeed brings a different aspect to human values and learning. Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback with us.

  10. It depends on the situation i.e. on all the following paramenters:
    – Ecomnomic condition current & future i.e. Recession / Depression or otherwise
    – Candidate’s Age/qualification/Industry/experince etc.
    – Future of Industry/business/technical fields etc.
    – In which country it is ?

  11. I have come to the stage and age of life where I would like to say and achieve ‘I am deeply fulfiled by all that I do.’

  12. A high risk career ensures that one uses one’s own capabilities, abilities and potential to the fullest extent because the stakes are high. That alone is a payoff good enough to sustain one during the entire career tenure and shine through.

  13. For me the factors more influences such decisions are
    -Which one is giving me more opportunity to grow and better from what I am doing now .
    – Work Life balance – which one would give me better work-life balance .. same salary .. more time to spend with my Family is definitely a better choice for me
    – Should enjoy what I am doing
    ….I guess that influences my career move .

    1. @Diptesh Dasgupta

      We think that the three factors you mention are very comprehensive and this level of thought should be applied to every major career decision.

      Opportunity to learn new things could also be one on the list. It

  14. I enjoy working with freedom and authority to take decision in the interest of the company’s interest.
    I enjoy taking up new challenges, and seeing it at its value and delivering goods
    I enjoy and love solving each and every problems that comes …every day..
    I enjoy my team’s success when it does something good for the company, even if it is very small and love to appreciate.
    Yes, I enjoy a place place where I am given opportunity to do things the way I dream to do…… I enjoy my current job……

  15. According to my feeling, enjoying the work, which you choose is primary requisite, before you think about risk, growth and hence it will assist in thinking about risk, growth etc., in a positive way.

  16. I always look for job which is enjoyable and where I can give my 100% as well as use my expereiece , trainings for the benefit of the organization.

    1. I love to accept the challanges but not a the cst of satisfacion level.
    2. Just salary is not important but satisfaction in job is utmost important for me.
    3. There should be free hand given to carry out the work.
    4. I hate politics, lobbying , buttering to the bosses to get promotions, biased approach in organizations.
    5. Job satisfaction has the key role in keping you healthy, for personal growth,for good performance, spending quality life with family. In this case, salary can be slightly here and there.

  17. CTC is what a company affords as a cost and if one enjoys the work and delivers the results cost effectively, company’s propensity to afford higher costs increases over a period.If one’s CTC is much lower than one deserves, there shall be options getting unfolded sooner or later to allow corrections by the company after one quits for reason of low CTC.
    Too high CTC also means that the company is rich but has many eating up its resources instead of benefits going to share holders..

  18. While it’s true that making an impact is an amazing and motivating reason, the company’s culture and value of the market/products are more appealing day by day basis.

  19. Your job satisfaction and work enjoyment is most important because it leaves less strain on your work and always results in best performance. Also it is important to know what you are running after; money- that always moves ahead of your reach or job satisfaction that many times you can hold it.

  20. Even if the CTC is equal everyone in this world wants to enjoy the work they do thereby creating an atmosphere of relevance and increase of productivity.


  21. Working in an atmosphere where you can enjoy the work, add value to it is always preferable as we know reward has to come.

  22. I would like to take up co-ordinating, liaison, sales promotion, heading new projects with team under me of versatile kinds etc.
    What I would like to look forward to is enjoying the work with positive engagement in the right atmosphere that would lead to creative results.
    It is not all that high CTC but the longer engagement that would be a pleasure.
    Yes I would prefer posting in Gujarat preferable in Ahmedabad or Vadodara.

  23. I believe in taking the challenges. Bigger the challenge, higher the chances of giving one’s best. If one is giving his best, rest follows. One should use his potential to maximum and that will create something not created before and that is is real pleasure and happiness one can get in life.

  24. Firstly, define high risk & fame career. Do you mean to say a sales head would be offered two jobs, namely,
    managing the store, territory and
    managing say a radio channel.

    Obviously his experince as store & territory head would incline him to accept the first offer & reject the second offer which may give him fame but a high chances of him failing due to lack of experience.
    If this is the scenario then naturally he would enjoy his work as sales head & opt for the option b & c described.
    Rajiv Bhatia

  25. Risk Appetite is a function of how secure I feel right now….

    an option where I can leverage on my experience & exposure…so what if its low on risk….thats the next move I desire for sure at this stage.

    may be if I have some neat savings…then an high risk move would be awesome!

    1. @Vivek

      Everything in life involves a risk factor, but while making a career move it is overly important to acknowledge the pros and cons of the decision one takes before moving ahead.

      You have a valid concern in wanting to secure yourself financially before the leap but there are many careers that couldn

  26. Having been a teacher and a professor all my life,I really haven’t ventured into other fields.But if challenge forms the key word to most of the existing jobs then venturing into an offbeat area doesn’t matter as long as i am able to grasp the matter.So flexibility is the right word for your career.So be it.

    1. higher the risks ,stronger the urge to do better,and with every positive approach the negative factors get deleted.

      1. @Sapna Sinha

        Agreed. For any kind of job, flexibility does help one to perform and learn better.

        Being flexible means one can adapt to a new job profile or a new work environment. Appreciate your feedback and thank you.

  27. If your work is able to inspire and motivate you will gain both..a sense of joy from your commitment and the byproduct credibility that will promise you success and monetary reward

  28. It takes courage to take risk and new initiatives to perform in a Risk & Reward atmosphere and accelerate your career growth

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