Snap Poll: What’s your recommended career strategy?

Vote and tell us which career strategy would you recommend to a professional.

With economic clouds looming over the career landscape, should senior professionals do more or less on the career front? Tell us which you believe is the best strategy.
  • Do more: Be pro-active and more visible in the job market (74%, 61 Votes)
  • Be conservative: Bank on existing credentials and goodwill (21%, 17 Votes)
  • No changes in approach needed (5%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 82

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7 thoughts on “Snap Poll: What’s your recommended career strategy?

  1. In times of crisis like this every senior professional Manager needs to go that extra distance and contribute to the orgnisation. It is essential to mitigate the effects of crisis so that staying afloat is easy. At the same time use the crisis as an opportunity to plan and strategise so that the lessons learnt are put to best use in normal times. The shocks of it revisits can be better handled. Perhaps yu will find that you are not affected by the crisis !

    1. We appreciate your response on the poll – and agree that a positive, pro-active approach is the best strategy for a senior professional!

  2. In crisis senior managers have to forget seniority. They need to lead from front. Support new ideas & ensure effective implementation. Cover that extra mile which can bring revenue & inspire people. Participate in high energy activities which motivate others.

    1. Hi Ashok,

      Thanks for highlighting the importance of the example set by senior management to motivate their current and prospective employees during tough market conditions. We’d be keen to hear more about your thoughts.

  3. One must walk the extra mile and be proactive in this time of econonomic crisis and contribute to the recovery of the market. After all, such problems are solved by hard work and innovation and a joint effort from all quarters can make wonders.

    1. Hi Peeyush,

      Well stated. We agree with you that a joint effort to solve problems is the best approach during the times of economic crisis.

  4. As in individual’s life Cycle Pleasure & Sorrow are Two important & integral flows so in Business Good and Bad Times are bound to come but the good Management learns lessons from the crisis so as to insulate it against reemegence of the crisis. as in Boxing Game , the game does not end on fall down of Player on ground but it ends on Player’s inability to stand on his falling on earth. C.M.KOHLi

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