The Job Search Waiting Game

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bigstock-True-transparent-sand-hourglas-47588053 [Converted]Three cool-off beliefs to hold on to while cooling your heels

It’s hard to pin down the toughest part of a job search.

But while resume writing, searching and applying for jobs and preparing for interviews are heavily dependent on your own efforts, the waiting game is one that you have no control over. Be it the wait for an interview call or to hear that the offer letter is headed your way, the job search waiting game can stretch into months!

Not knowing how long the wait will be and what’s happening on the other end make waiting to hear from the employer the top-ranked pain-point for jobseekers across the world. They also make the waiting game a frustrating one; especially for those at senior levels, who are used to calling the shots.

3 cool-off beliefs to hold on to when the waiting gets to you

– What you can’t control is not worth thinking about

The job market is more & more volatile. Even while some companies are on a hiring drive, others may freeze hiring or put positions on hold at short notice – including the one that you applied to! As hiring sees the interplay of more & more environment-led factors, the uncontrollables & the volatility in hiring and in job search have increased. The decision to hire today could be reversed tomorrow – live with it.

– It’s not just a pain point for you: it’s a process

Ask any hiring professional and closing on a candidate is a long game for recruitment consultants and employers too. Hiring professionals have to ensure that they find candidates who are a close fit for the role, not just in terms of job specialisation and qualifications, but also in terms of organisational culture. There are rounds of interviews, candidates who back out at the last moment and lengthy negotiations that make the process of bringing a candidate on board an uphill climb. But there’s nothing personal about it; it’s just the process.

-It’s about a job search, not about a job

Working harder and harder at getting a response to that job application submitted weeks ago only leads to more frustration. Send an application and then forget about it. Your goal is to make a transition, not to land a specific job that you set your heart on. Recruitment consultants point to how jobseekers feel a build-up of frustration and anger but that rarely helps. When you stop waiting and instead divert yourself – with looking for the next opportunity or growing your skills and expertise – the wait gets much easier.

Good luck for your job search and stay strong through the waiting game!

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