February 2011: The Art of Positivity

You may know about the well-known perceptual illusion, in which the mind switches between seeing a young girl and an old woman in the same image

Some people see the Old Woman, while others are sure that it’s the Young Woman. It is both, of course. You just have to see it differently.

A job search works the same way. There’s more than one way of looking at the picture.

While interacting with many of you, we come across different perspectives on job search. Time after time, we’ve seen that candidates who bring positivity to their job search find the right jobs quicker. To show you what I mean, I’ve picked up a couple of situations and two perspectives on them – I’d recommend the text in bold.


  • The company did not get back.
You could think: It’s not working out.
Or you could see it as:
For the company that’s hiring, it’s always about the job, not about you. If there is a job fit, they’ll call for sure. Just stay discoverable.
  • Someone else got the job
You could think: The other guy has it right.
Or you could see it as:
This is a moment for introspection. From the resume to the negotiation, it’s a chance to understand what works well and what you need to improve. It’s one step closer to success.

Will optimism bring in the jobs faster or lead to a bigger pay cheque? It sure will.

Stay positive,

Warm regards,

Uday Sodhi
Chief Executive Officer | HeadHonchos

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