Thank God it’s Friday!


A job search can be a challenging job in itself.images

And sometimes, you need a breather from your job search. That’s when you step back, and spare some ‘Me-time’ for yourself, including putting your job search on hold. Forget about tweaking your resume, updating your profile or wondering whether there is an application that you missed sending out. Instead, drive out of town for the weekend. Get hold of the latest bestseller or catch that blockbuster that had a great review. For an adrenaline rush, get back to or try an adventure sport. Or just catch up with friends & family.

A break and the rethink that goes with it are important to recharge your job search. Will time out help you get an offer faster? It sure will. Perspective brings clarity to your goals and can set you moving in new directions. Your course of action becomes more sharply defined and new strategies emerge. You are all set to get back with a revamped resume and updated profile!

Have a great weekend!


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