March 2011: Say Yes to Change

It’s the time of the year when the aggressive hiring plans of India Inc make headlines. (See Job Street Hits Post-Slowdown Peak, The Economic Times, March 22 2011).

In recent weeks, there have been reports in the media about the buoyancy of the job market and the double-digit salary hikes expected this year. Premier institutes are (once again) discussing record offers that have been rolled out to gen-next managers. On HeadHonchos today, over 3000 jobs and nearly 500 employers are competing for the finest talent.

All of which lead to the natural question:
‘Is this the right time for me to make a change?’

Is an upswing in hiring (and the prospect of a larger paycheck) good enough reason to change your job or is it important to look beyond the state of the market?

Here’s my take: Great market dynamics are tempting but the real reason for change is to enhance your long term prospects and to challenge yourself. It is a good time to change if:

  • Your energy quotient hits a low on Monday mornings.
  • You are looking at change for more than just a bigger salary.
  • You are not excited by the long term prospects of your company,
  • You don’t really stand to gain, if your company does well.
  • Your current job is not challenging you and you are not learning new things.

Change is good if it gives you a canvas that is big enough for your aspirations. If your answer to at least 3 of these is Yes, my advice is “Go right ahead.”

Warm regards,

Uday Sodhi
Chief Executive Officer | HeadHonchos

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