Why Should you Relocate?


Your next big-ticket job or promotion is knocking at your door; the doorway, however, leads into a different city. Will you be ready to move? Or will you hesitate to relocate?

More than a professional decision, relocating to another city or even another country is a personal decision. For someone at the beginning of his/her career, relocation might be an easy option, but at a later stage in your career, shifting to a new city might mean disrupting a settled family life. However, before saying ‘No’ to that fabulous opportunity, think through the big reasons why relocation could be a good option.

Weathering the Economic Downturn

In tough economic times, your career needs to go where economic growth is, rather than waiting for growth to come to where you are. Be an economy-watcher in your home-country and stay alert for early warning signs of persisting economic uncertainty. As global markets swing first one way and then another, it’s not just the job offer that matters but also the economic forecast and the state of the national economy. Now is definitely the time to keep an eye on global economic trends and indicators.

Experiencing a New Work Culture

It’s never too late to experience a different society or culture or get the exposure to a global work environment that you have always wanted. Re-locating to a buzzing global capital – or alternatively to a Tier 2/3 city – can provide you with the option of working on challenging projects. It can give you the opportunity for amazing first-hand experiences, engaging with people from diverse backgrounds and learning to work with them. Working at different locations will also reflect positively on your resume, emphasizing your flexibility & adaptability in a culturally diverse world.

Getting a Career Breakthrough

Mid-management professionals can find themselves stuck in a career impasse, with few avenues for growth. They may want to change their jobs but could be restricted to their choices. For professionals caught in an inescapable daily grind, a move to a new geography can recharge your career and boost motivation levels.

A known place and organisation can be a comfort zone that is difficult to leave behind. However, with these 3 reasons, it’s all about how you can create a new comfort zone for yourself. It might be time to say ‘yes’ to that great job in a new city!

Rahul Malhotra
Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO at HeadHonchos.
He has close to 14 years of experience across the executive search, recruitment, retail and internet verticals. One of the first to come on board, he holds an MBA degree from IMI, Belgium and a Diploma in Information Technology from Swinburne, Australia

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