From 2014 to 2015: How hiring is changing


5 hiring trends you should know before hiring picks up.

2014 might go down in history as the year when jobs are on their way back.

Hiring-2014-20152014 has been a turnaround year as hiring has moved up by a sharp 10 per cent and is likely to grow meaningfully in 2015,” says Shiv Agrawal, Founder, & Managing Director, ABC Consultants. As companies start to roll out job offers and recruitment firms say that hiring is (finally) looking up, we tell you what else changed in 2014.

The 5 trends that you should know before the new year kicks in!

1. Less is more

Today, there are more profiles than ever before and many profiles for 1 person. Since companies need ways to keep out mountains of data rather than pull it in, they are on the look-out for consistent information and ways to cut down profile clutter. If you are on Facebook, job portals and professional networking sites like LinkedIn as well as applying on company career pages, make sure to watch all your profiles! The resume that raises the fewest questions will make it to the top of the pile.

2. Mobile-enabled hiring is in

2014 was the year of mobile job search and it gave a natural push to the business of hiring, boosting up applications and candidate activity. When you want a job search experience on the move in complete confidentiality, a mobile site is perfect. All you need is a few minutes to ‘Like’ a job on your smart phone, pick up resume tips on your iPad and apply from your desktop… your search can continue wherever you pick it up from. Check out our new device-friendly site, based on responsive web design, for this seamless experience.

3. Employment terms just changed

The Freelance Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk study on Freelancing in America in July 2014 found that freelancers are a whopping 34 per cent of the working population in the US, adding up to a colossal 53 million employees. Temporary employment, part-time CFOs, CEOs on lease, contract assignments, consulting… call it what you will the standard terms of employment are up for change. Permanent employment is making way for temporary employment and it’s time to adapt.

4. From offshoring, it’s back to onshoring

Localised hiring is replacing years of offshoring in world economies. Conservative policy-making and changes in compensation costs across the globe are bringing back onshoring. This change cuts both ways though. The recovery in the US and a growing talent pool of local managers make a strong case for local hiring in India. Throw in the fact that expats prefer to work closer home and we’ve come the full circle. Your local experience counts for more back home!

5. Upskilling is on the rise

From wanting the perfect resource to wanting a perfectly trainable resource, finding talent is evolving into the natural starting point for developing and training talent. Recruitment and Learning & Development (L& D) are becoming one. Welcome to the new-age orientation program that is part coaching, part-training and looks at investing in your growth from Day 1.

It’s over to 2015 to live out the promise of 2014.

A very Happy New Year!

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