November 2011: In conversation with you…

My interactions with you all – on the phone, via e-mail or indirectly when I deep-dive into numbers on how you use HeadHonchos – often lead to interesting questions.I thought I’d share some of these questions here as well as possible best practices around them:

Q. What’s the competition for my vertical?

This is tough to assess. It varies sharply on an individual level, as there can be from 30 to as many as 200 applications for a job, even in a given vertical.

Overall, though, competition is high with lakhs of candidates now on HeadHonchos. Based on searches conducted on the portal, the  most searched industries right now are:

  1. Telecom/ Mobile Operator/ ISP/ Telecom Vendor
  2. Production/ Manufacturing/ Engineering
  3. Consulting/Management Consulting
  4. Automobile/ Auto Components
  5. Logistics / Supply Chain Management
  6. Financial Services/ Capital Markets
  7. Banking – Retail
  8. FMCG/ Foods/ Beverages
  9. Pharmaceuticals/ Life Sciences/ Clinical Research
  10. Power / Energy

Similiarly, the roles for which we get the maximum searches are: Manager | Director CEO | CFO |  Project Manager | General Manager | Vice President | CIO | Company SecretaryBusiness Analyst |

A suggestion that I’d like to make: widen the set of industries that you are considering, particularly if you are in functions like Finance or HR.

Q. What do I put in the search box so that I get what I want?

A search box can be intimidating. Particularly when one has tried different permutations and gets no results or results that are way off the mark!

While chatting with a few successful candidates, we found that they keep the search wide at the start, typically by searching jobs for a function, or by designation. You can then drill down to results that more closely match your profile and judge how flexible you need to be on your objectives.

Q. What do successful candidates do that is different?

No real surprises here. The quick answer to this is they do more of the same – logins, searches and applications.The best practice here is to set up a regular cycle. One candidate spoke of “the 2/14 cycle” – logging in to submit at least 2 applications in 14-day cycle.

However, a word of caution: post an application only when it is a good fit with the employer’s requirement so that you maintain that invaluable asset – your credibility.

Keep those questions coming.

Uday Sodhi
Chief Executive Officer | HeadHonchos





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