June 2013: The distance is nothing…

…it’s only the first step that is difficult.

The decision to move to a new job ranks among the big decisions in one’s life. So it’s natural to invest time to evaluate one’s options carefully before acting.

But what if planning and analysing your job search becomes an end in itself, so that a decision or action is never taken?

Watch out for job analysis-paralysis when you spend time thinking about moving to a new job – perhaps for months at a stretch – without actually working on it.

When you are wondering about how to start your job search,

Or waiting to create the perfect resume before applying,

Or thinking about what might happen if the new job does not work out…

…it’s time to get into action mode.

Draw the line on job research

As you try to be 100% sure of the outcome, it’s tempting to do unending job research and job-browsing. Instead of falling into a pattern of logging in for more & more job research, review jobs with a purpose – at least 3-4 applications every 15 days. You can never have all the information you need, so it’s important to trust your judgement on which are the right jobs for you.

Create a job search dashboard

Focus your energies by creating a personal job search dashboard. Track jobs identified, applications sent and employer views during searches. Identify what’s working/what’s not and take action-oriented steps to course-correct. Ask yourself, what can you change that is within your control? You just need to do enough to take you one step forward – with a clear deadline in mind.

Get a 2nd opinion

Whether it is your Resume or your job search strategy, don’t hesitate to ask for a 2nd opinion. It’s a good idea to get advice from a trusted friend or an Executive Coach. Reduce the risks that could be holding you back by getting feedback or finding a listening partner to talk through the pros & cons of your career decisions.

Get started right away – they say the distance is nothing, it’s only the first step that is difficult!


Uday Sodhi



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