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Social Job Search5 ways your social profile can build your career

Your social profiles are no longer extensions of your personal scrapbook. As recruitment consultants and employers run a check on Social Profiles before hiring, your online presence can help you move up the career ladder or jeopardise a job offer.

If you Google yourself, what search results will you get? Chances are your social profile will top the list – your LinkedIn Profile, your blog posts or Facebook profile. As your job search catches FLU – that’s’ Facebook/ LinkedIn/ YouTube – look at ways to get your social profile right for a job search.

Put a social strategy in place

Select the social platforms that work for you, including must-haves like Facebook & LinkedIn and also 2-3 hand-picked platforms like your personal blog or Pinterest. But don’t join the social media bandwagon, never meaning to undertake the journey. Going social means building an active online presence; invest time to connect with your network, find online contacts, join forums, start discussions, comment, blog and share…

Develop your personal brand

What is it that people should know about you? Create a list of things that defines you best and check the ones that you want to showcase in your social profiles. Wear your passion and vision. You are the best judge of yourself: become your own PR guru and make sure your reputation & image reflect the real you.

Gather a fan-following

Your connections & followers are the new popularity metric. Your network of contacts, the groups you join and the people you follow speak volumes about the kind of person you are. Testimonials, recommendations and endorsements too can help establish your stature. While you network with ex-colleagues and bosses to write recommendations for you, remember to recommend your team members or superiors too.

Be a team player

Believe you are a team player? Let it show on your social profile by pushing engagement and not just updates. Re-tweet others, contribute to groups, engage and converse rather than just posting about yourself. Move away from a one-way broadcast to a dialogue that is as much about others as you.

Tell a consistent story

Match the employment history given on your resume with that of your LinkedIn profile, your hobbies & interests displayed on Facebook with the ones that you talked about in the interview and the opinions that you have shared with your tweets. Telling the same story across all touch-points that employers can access will builds your personal credibility and give employers confidence in your profile.

Finally, never fill and forget your social profile. Once in a while, Google yourself and run through the results, scanning through till the second page. In a connected world, you never know who is watching!

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  1. Very informative article ! It opened my eyes towards how to carry out social networking, which was always at the bottom of my list.

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