July 2011: Job Forecast: Rain or Shine?

Don’t believe everything you hear about the job market. Let´s rely on facts and data instead – straight out of the HeadHonchos´ database.
I thought, in this mail, I´d share insights based on what is happening at the ground level. I have been on the move through July, meeting over 50 key clients across different cities and talking to many more. And I have dug deep into our database to identify key sectors and companies that are hiring on HeadHonchos. This is real live data – these are industries and companies that we know are hiring.
Here’s the bottom line – there is plenty of recruitment happening and there are enough opportunities for talented people. The trick is to position yourself well and to see the process through.
Which are the sectors that are really hiring? After IT, which is the most bullish, our data shows that the top industries based on live jobs on the portal are:

  • Banking
  • Construction/Real Estate/Infrastructure
  • Automobile/Auto Components
  • Power/Energy

Not in these industries and evaluating a mid-career switch to a different vertical? Go to your profile sectiion and add your target industries into your preferences.
Let’s get to work. Login and apply for jobs with these employers and more.

Warm regards,

Uday Sodhi
Chief Executive Officer | HeadHonchos


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