Counter-Offer: The Post Resignation Saga

Counter Offer

Counter OfferThere was a reason for your job search. It could have been a bigger role and a better designation, a higher package, a much-needed change from the monotony of your current job or a tough-to-adjust-to organisational culture.

But now, when you have a promising offer in hand, your resignation has prompted a counter-offer from your current employer. You have (finally) heard about how the organisation values you; the HR team is spending hours to understand the reasons behind your leaving; long-standing issues look like being resolved…

That’s when you start wondering whether you really want to throw away your track record in the company to start from scratch in a new organisation.

Should you discuss the reasons why you considered a job change with your current employer and stay back? Or should you remind yourself of why you wanted to leave and move on – no matter what the counter-offer is? Here’s how to figure out whether accepting a counter-offer from your current employer makes sound career sense.

  • Will it be a permanent fix? A counter-offer needs to be backed by real change so you do not end up dealing again with issues that made you consider a move in the first place. Read between the lines to understand why your concerns were not addressed before your resignation. Get clues during discussions on whether the company will follow through on the promises that they are making in order to hold you back.
  • What will be the impact 3 years down? Step back and think about which role is going to take you closer to your career goals over time. A job search should not be a spur of the moment, impulse decision, but a conscious, well-thought out step towards a better career. Compare the two offers in terms of challenges, package and growth prospects – today and over a 3-year time frame.
  • Is it becoming a money game? Stay away from basing your decision on how much more you can negotiate. A commercial approach or not being up front with the employer will hurt your professional credibility and take away the focus from the real reasons you were looking for a change. Take your final call quickly and communicate it with grace and professionalism.
  • Are you glued to a comfort zone? You know your job, how the organisation works and everyone in the organisation from the Managing Director right down to the receptionist. When faced with the pain of learning the ropes again, it’s natural to want to stay in one’s comfort zone. But that could be the wrong reason to turn down the right offer. Push aside last-minute doubts; instead push yourself to take on new challenges.

A counter-offer from your current employer has a huge feel-good factor and it can be tough to take the right call. Stay or leave – let it be a decision that you can look back on with zero regrets. It’s your career and only you are its true custodian!

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