Career Destination: Dubai


When we begin thinking about working & jobs in other economies, how do these countries fare when it comes to the work atmosphere? Here’s one culture that’s in close proximity to home and has plenty to offer. Dubai.

Let’s take a look at why:

  1. First impressions: Dubai, on the whole, follows the American work culture to each aspect of the work environment, starting from the corporate structure to everything that follows inside. The corporate buildings are not only modern, but designer, state-of-the-art high-rises equipped with the latest in technology, security, landscaping, interiors as well as amenities. Each building has its own stand-alone parking garage, a gym, restaurant(s), café’s, prayer rooms, art gallery, lounges and separate areas designated to entertain clients…creating a very enticing first impression that leaves one feeling a sense of pride as they are living a good life.

    Why Dubai makes it to a career destination
  2. Sheer diversity: The work-force is extremely diverse ranging from local Emiratis, Indians, Filipinos, Europeans, Australians, Americans and many other cultures, coming together under one roof. This creates for a healthy approach to understanding cultural sensitivities and fosters a team-oriented approach to working together. In India, we have very little international diversity, although we do have diversity existing within our various communities,. In fact, the Emiratis’ are now considered a minority here. The dress code too is international: from business professional to smart professional with everyone dressing up for the office. The common attire is pant-suits or skirt-suits, formal shirts, trousers and jackets.
  3. Voice of Employee: Communication is fostered and encouraged with an open-door policy approach in Dubai. There are also many HR initiatives planned through the year starting from trainings to off-sites, evaluations/appraisals as well as 360 degree evaluations. This is considered a standard, not a nice-to-have. Employees are also free to voice their thoughts and opinions on decisions which impact key areas of their work and organization.
  4. A word on women: Dubai is also considered a woman’s world. It is a heaven for women and children as they are given preferential treatment and respect in every way. They are always given priority seating in trains, restaurants and so forth. At the same time, they are not only considered as equals within the work force, many women are in senior-level & leadership positions and men report into them. No “boys’ clubs” where women continue to fight for their place within the work sector here.
  5. Real weekends: The weekend in Dubai falls early, kicking off in style on Thursday night, as the general rule of thumb is Fridays and Saturdays are holidays. Employees get into work between 7:30-8:30 am unlike in India, where the office begins later ranging from 9:30-10 am at many organizations. Some pockets of Dubai still continue shut between 2-4 pm every afternoon and each building or office is provided with a prayer room where employees are free to pray during the day.

Dubai prides itself in its heritage but also in its new-age outlook. Their tagline is, The Center of Now and they stand behind it in each and every way!

-Bina Jhaveri, Executive Coach

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Bina Jhaveri has over 20 years of global professional experience, as reputed business consultant, an intuitive strategist, executive and spirit coach. She works with professionals from several corporates, forging unique partnerships, helping them attain and exceed their goals whilst generating path-breaking results within their lives. Bina is also a writer by passion, who writes for several lifestyle magazines & blogs.

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  1. I love Dubai very much. In the current scenario it is the only place to settle and work there. If I get a chance I will certainly come and join some good set up.

  2. I am interested in working at Senior Managerial postions (HR, Sales Administration, Corporate Communication)
    in any city in UAE

  3. I am an oil & gas professional with 35 plus years of multidisciplinary experience in premier petroleum industries e.g. ONGC, GAIL, IGL of India, HYUNDAI & SAMSUNG Heavy Industries of South Korea, BECHTEL, FLUOR of USA, BANTREL of Canada, CAIRN of UK, GULF Petrochem of UAE.
    Looking for a suitable higher level position in UAE, INDIA. My profile can be accessed on LinkedIN.

  4. i have a ten plus year experience in Information Technology Department. My expertised domain is Healthcare Information system viz. His, Lis, pacs, Ris, disaster management

  5. I have 14 Years of IT Infrastructure management experience, I m currently working as AVP IT for one of the MNC in India & I’m actively looking for Sr. IT Management Position in dubai, as my family is in Dubai so it’s become even more important to me to be relocated with them. Please let me know, if anyone come across of any open position. I can join in month time.

  6. I Love to work in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

    Visited Dubai 2 years Back it was an amazing trip been there for almost 90 days.

    It was an wonderful and cheerful experience, Job Market was really tough

  7. well my first choice always be dubai for residence or job.
    as i already did work more than 2 yrs and love to go back again to dubai.
    still searching for better opportunity at dubai.

  8. I am so happy to see all the enthusiasm around Dubai as a work destination. It does indeed provide a lot of opportunity for professionals ready for a fresh start and international lifestyle. It’s also a great place to enjoy an overall quality life.

    For more assistance on your career transition, please contact Headhonchos for a Coaching Module with me. Thanks, Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

  9. I have been a part of the advertising and marketing industry in India for two decades now. Over this period I have worked with some of the biggest advertising agencies in India such as Lowe Lintas (formerly Lintas), JWT and O&M as well as companies such as Wipro and Tata Teleservices. I am looking for suitable opportunities in Dubai. My profile can be accessed on Linkedin.

  10. Havning good exposure from well know indian ICT company ( HCL Infosystems Ltd ) would like to take up any business development assignment related to IT hardware products.

  11. I am having 12.5 years experience in Sales, most of which is into Machine Tool Sales. Presently I am working as a Sales and Marketing Manager for a US MNC. I am exploring and looking for suitable/relevant opportunities in Dubai .

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