Sure-Fire Ways to Stand out in Your Job Interview

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There are indefinite ways to be the candidate they are hoping to hire. From the moment recruitment consultants come across your profile, you need to channel your prior knowledge and experience in such a way that they are convinced about you. Read on to propel your senior job search to be the one they want to hire.

1. Up your Social Quotient

There will be an in inevitable check on your LinkedIn profile, which is why you need to step up your social presence. Endorsements and recommendations, especially from industry influencers, will also score you major game points. Remember, though, that just your friends recommending you could seem like an exchange of favors. Pick your recommendations well.

2. Put Your Success Where the Recruitment Consultants & Employers Are

Find creative ways to showcase your success stories. Be it a video of the significant market expansion you achieved, a commercial that received rave reviews, a slide show of the best moments of your team’s wins or your hugely followed blog: a portfolio makes you memorable.

3. Do Your Homework

Another sure shot way to make a lasting impression is to appear for the interview with thorough preparation about the company. Do read corporate blogs, follow it on Twitter & Facebook and know the news. They prove to be excellent ammunition for the interview round. Bang on ideas and suggestions are welcome to most as they mean that you are genuinely interested in the company. Plus, they prove your worth to the interview panel.

4. Get as Many on Your Side as You Can

You know the secretary or HR executive isn’t the one hiring you. However, if people, other than the interviewer, that you interact with seem to have a favorable impression of you, then you are bound to get brownie points over others, or at least tip the balance in your favor.

5. Dress and Behave for Success

Body language, appearance, confidence, do all the little things correctly for one big, right impression. Need we say more?

6. Remember the Names

It is often hard to remember the names of all interviewers, especially if it is a large panel. However, remembering the names and using a name to address a person during your conversation, is guaranteed to help you appear sincere and interested.

7. Bring up Their Employee Naturally

If you have a friend or know someone working in the company, refer to the person naturally during the course of the interview. For instance: ‘I have heard about your well-equipped gym from Raj in Sales. I think it’s great that you care about your employees’ health’.

8. Stay in the Conversation

Being a thoughtful participant in the conversation is what matters. Keep in mind that your answers cannot contradict or seem fake. Focus on being positive, interested, and engaged (P-I-E) in the conversation without worrying about the next question.

9. Personalized Follow-Up Notes

Simple yet personal thank you notes for having met you are sure to help them remember you in a good light.

10. Connect on Social Media

Giving the interviewer access and a chance to know you and your personality, creates a fuller impression about you. They will feel like they know you.

These ten to-dos are a quick refresher on well-researched ways to put some real miles between you and your competitor in the race for that coveted job!

Rahul Malhotra
Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO at HeadHonchos.
He has close to 14 years of experience across the executive search, recruitment, retail and internet verticals. One of the first to come on board, he holds an MBA degree from IMI, Belgium and a Diploma in Information Technology from Swinburne, Australia

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