August 2012: When was your last job search?

Given that your last job search might have been some years ago, it can be a challenge to get back into the job market.

It’s usual to get out of touch with your personal network, or even let your resume get a bit outdated. But that’s not all. Often, the toughest part is how to ‘risk-proof’ your job search and ensure that your interests are protected right through.

And the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to get started.

If you have been thinking about a job change but have not really started yet, here are a couple of ideas to recharge your job search:

  • Take it head on: It’s best to start working on what you find toughest to tackle: calling your contacts, updating your online profile, dusting down your resume… Set up a time frame and put it behind you.
  • Stay goal-focused:Our Executive Coaches advise that the aspiration to ‘do better’ needs to be translated into sharply defined career objectives for greater success. Ask yourself: What criteria should a job meet to need my attention?
  • De-risk yourself: Risk is a given in a senior job search. Pinpoint your concerns, look at the possible fallout and as in all your decisions, put ‘Plan B’ in place.
  • Get that 1st application out: Is the first application becoming a mental block? Search jobs that are relevant for your profile, shortlist and apply to one right away.

Finally, it comes down to the question: How ready are you to make that change?
Both jobseeker sentiment and employer confidence drive employment, especially at senior levels.

This month, as we undertake the HeadHonchos’ Employer Hiring Outlook with talent acquisition heads across India, we also want to know your perspective. We are conducting a survey on candidate assessment of economic growth and how it is influencing your career plans and I invite you to participate.

Please take a few minutes to respond to the HeadHonchos’ Candidate Survey by clicking below:

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Individual answers will be kept confidential and only the overall result of the survey will be shared in the final report.

Your participation will be deeply appreciated.

Uday Sodhi

Chief Executive Officer | HeadHonchos

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