Job Search Is Like Dating. The Game Rules


Dating is a formalized matchmaking process of the system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a number of new people similar to Applying for Jobs, which is a matchmaking process- the purpose is to view and apply large number of jobs that you like.

 Let’s find your Mr Right (Job).


Finding “THE ONE” Is A Lot Of Work – Well, finding the perfect job (and person) is not an easy task. We all have a checklist to fill – right company, right skills, right salary, etc. This implies a careful search to find what you want. It all starts by setting up an online profile, networking with friends, making the world aware that you are available. Think around it- isn’t it eerier that a date asks the same questions as a job application.

First Impression– Like they say the first impression is the last impression. When you begin your search you want your profile to be perfect and build the right impression. The right communication, right skills ,you want to dress your best for the date. Tailor your profile for the kind of job you are targeting at or applying to, to create that perfect first impression.

What They Say, Is Not What They Mean– Have you ever come across a situation where you know you are the perfect match, the job description defines exactly what you are and what you want but you still get rejected and you don’t know why.

Give It Time, Is The Key – Like knowing your date and building relationships is important so is continuous efforts and investing ample time on searching a  job . This process can take several months. So use your time wisely to connect with the people and apply to multiple opportunities.

End Up Hoping To Get A Call – When you meet someone and feel so right, you jump with joy and start hoping for the person to call you back. The sober truth is that mostly the call never comes, it doesn’t matter if the job is right for you or the job interview went well. So stop waiting and speed up your process to apply for many jobs until to hit the jackpot.

Flaunt Yourself – Facebook is for lovers LinkedIn is for job seekers. Invest your time in social media to build connections and let people know you are looking via LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media activities. Connect with the right people and drop a message to grab a professional meeting.

 Let’s start matchmaking….

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