Your First Connect With The Recruiter – has to hit the right chord

Problem And Difficulty Concept

Many recruiters and HR would completely nod  that it confines them from responding to those sloppy long emails from job seekers, pitching their profile or their existence.

Businessman Holding Phone For Contact ConceptLike there has to be a melodic and harmonic relationship to create the right music similarly there has to be the combination of  right words, short and to the point statements to create an effective email.
When you want to make the initial contact with a recruiter/hiring manager, an email is often the best way to reach out. Now the question arises, do you get a response back from the recruiter? It does not matter whether the recruiter has a job for you or not, just a revert gives you the satisfaction which the first sip of freshly brewed coffee gives or if you are a chai person, then definitely, that nukkad wali chai gives.
The first impression is the last impression, this should be your first approach so that if the recruiter does not have any opportunity for you at least he/she gets tempted to have a brief chat with you. Then the second round would depend on creating the final impression, so your profile gets registered in his/her mind and each time they look at a job, that might be similar to your profile, your name pops up in his/her head.

•    The trick is to write a brief  body of the email, as a short cover letter. Be precise and define the purpose of your email clearly.
•    The first sentence is always tricky, we usually spend atleast a few minutes on how to begin the sentence, there is nothing wrong with starting an email with “My name is ___ and I am very interested in working at ____.”
•    Take the time to tailor your email to express what you will bring to the company, not just what a job there can do for you.
•    Typo or incorrect spelling, makes  the applicants look lazy and unconcerned with details, both of which are qualities you never want to exhibit.
•    Always attach your Resume/CV to the email so that the recruiter may look at it immediately.
•    Always use a subject line.
•    Don’t address the recruiter with ‘Hi,” especially in an introductory email.  You always want to be professional, respectful, and mature.
•    Stalking is a bad habit, whether stalking a girl/boy or a recruiter. It’s ok to follow up over the phone, but constant nagging has it’s reverse effect.
•    Don’t indicate you are willing to do “anything.”  Be specific about your goals and what you’d like to do professionally.
•    As personal branding is an important factor, so not adding your LinkedIn profile in the email for the recruiter to view your professional credentials is like not having a bait while going for fishing.
So keep these basic email etiquette in mind and create that required first impression, prevent your emails from becoming an unprofessional annoyance in someone’s inbox, and hitting the right chord.

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