What Should Go #OffYourResume?

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What’s the recipe for a good resume? That’s an answer everyone has been searching for a long time now.

Just like cooking, every resume comes with its own unique flavour and is customised to each person’s career. While it’s hard to put down a list of exactly what should go into your resume, most of us have come across the ingredients that are better off your resume.

So when we asked you to tell us what should go #OffYourResume through a Twitter campaign on @theHeadHonchos, answers poured in. We received witty, fun tweets on mistakes that were completely comic to downright dangerous.

Presenting the list of 15 things that need to go #OffYourResume if they are there!

VC HH7 opt 11. Archaic projects: Your latest experience is what counts. And as for awards won in school? Let’s just say they matter more to you than the recruiter.

2. Your family life: We’d say keep the focus on who you are and what you have accomplished.

3. Details of how you look, weight and height: Unless you are going into the fashion or beauty world…

4. Your hobbies: Travel, cricket, music, reading… time to remind yourself that the information that went into your resume for your first job is not too relevant today.

5. Bragging: About all those unrelated positions, projects and hobbies – Yawn!

6. Killer typos: Typos will bring a smile to the recruiter’s face and the HR team will know you – for the wrong reasons! The offer will go to someone who got the grammar right.

7. Facebook and Twitter profiles: Do you really want them to see how you look after an all-nighter at a pub? And what about those tweets – #worksucks!

8. Visual distractions: Images, design elements and coloured text are just that – distractions. You do not want the recruiter to remember the font style you used.

9. Talking salary: There’s a time and a place for compensation details/salary expectations and it’s the interview not the resume.

10. Information overload: Everything that you ever did does not need to go into your resume. Be super-selective.

15 things shouldn't be in your resume - most common messages11. Declarations and references: The recruiter never doubted that you would give references on request or that all the information provided is true, correct etc.

12. Cramped-up text: White space works wonders in a resume, making key points stand out. Sometimes less is more.

13. Information that is not true or correct: Need we say more?

14. Your photo: Opinions are divided on whether or not to include your picture but here’s our take: photos can work for or against you. Why take a chance?

15. Lifelong promises of loyalty: It’s a real world – and nothing lasts forever. Hopefully not even your current job!

Thank you all who participated on #OffYourResume!

Let’s talk careers. We’re keen to hear from you.

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