To-do list for your resume in June


June is here. Half a year gone by signals it’s time to update your resume. It’s quite possible you may need to just refresh your present credentials or get a new resume altogether.
Whether you opt for professional assistance with your resume or plan to make changes all by yourself, make sure your resume covers these 3 things:Time-To-Update

  1. Half-yearly achievements It’s good practice to update your resume every 6 months. The primary reason is that after some time it will be difficult for you to recall all your achievements in one go. For instance, you might not remember the specifics of a project you handled. And those extra details that could’ve made your resume stand out among recruiters.
  2. Your current designation Midyear is the time when most of us are ready to take on our new responsibilities that come with promotions. If you haven’t mentioned your new designation in your resume, you stand to lose quite a lot. If you are looking out for a new job, you will get calls relevant to your previous designation. And that’s not something that’ll add value to your job search. It also gives out an impression that you are not serious about your career.
  3. Goals & objectives Your resume should present your career objectives. It should include content relevant for the kind of positions you’re targeting. The overall statement that your resume needs to convey is that you only do you current job well, but are also headed for greater things and bigger responsibilities.

You may not be actively looking for a job but an updated and well-written resume makes sure you never lose out on the opportunities that you may not come across yourself.

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Rahul Malhotra
Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO at HeadHonchos.
He has close to 14 years of experience across the executive search, recruitment, retail and internet verticals. One of the first to come on board, he holds an MBA degree from IMI, Belgium and a Diploma in Information Technology from Swinburne, Australia

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