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Businessman pressing modern social buttons on a virtual backgrou

Businessman pressing modern social buttons on a virtual backgrouIt’s not always that you get inside information on the employer you’re soon to join. Those few tid-bits of ‘intelligence’ that may provide an insight into what’s in store for you. Embarking on a new profile in a new company has its anxious moments. And people in our ‘circles’, connections, may just be the key to a smooth beginning.

Apart from local, social (aka virtual) connections help a great deal. But perhaps with a lifestyle that’s on a constant fastrack, some of us have come to negate the importance of networking.

And this, when it’s easier than ever, what with the worldwide user base of 300,000,000 (and counting) on LinkedIn which can work in our advantage, if we use it wisely.

Here’s a list of some virtues to tell you why you need to network more actively:

1. Being visible is the key

“There is no success in isolation,” says Sanjay Salooja, Work Place Behaviour Specialist and CXO Coach. Professionals in your network, consciously or inadvertently, impact your career growth immensely. Build a network of niche professionals, discover and relate positively. Build your professional circle; a circle that shall support you in good and bad times. “After all, people buy from people they know and have trust in. Your future/prospective employer will buy your services when he knows enough of you,” says Anurag Sharma, Executive Coach. Your work speaks for itself but unless you’re present on social platform no one would get to know of it.

2. From local to social, networking on fast track

Capitalise the mushrooming online professional networking. Bequeathed in our hands, it is a power that is underutilized by most professionals. A great LinkedIn profile can help you build a vast network of like-minded people, while also introducing you to the better side of the virtual world. Getting your LinkedIn profile written by an expert can make a big difference.

3. Your network is your net worth

While mid-level professionals network mostly to pursue ground-breaking opportunities, leaders do it for personal branding and marketing. Make sure you build your own brand! Leave no stone unturned in ensuring everything about your professional skills and expertise are covered in your profile. At all points in your career, networking will throw open gates of professional society to you. With social networking, it’s easy to get endorsed and recommended, on LinkedIn. Add weight to your professional profile and have a strong resume built. The first impression lasts forever, remember? Let your LinkedIn professional grid speak for you.

A vigorous professional network entails three virtues:

– Fostering new relations (connect)
– Nurturing prevailing relations (maintain)
– Allowing relations to flourish (add value)
Exchange ideas and reciprocate gestures with your connections; let them know that you are in for a long-term association. Just like you maintain your family relations by gifting and gestures, gift value to your professional acquaintances by helping them achieve their professional goals too.

Put your best face forward on LinkedIn and make sure you never go unnoticed!
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Rahul Malhotra
Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO at HeadHonchos.
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