The Top 5 Myths about Resumes

Image of business document, pen and glass of water at workplace

Image of business document, pen and glass of water at workplaceIt is the first step to being shortlisted for a job. And yet, given the high-stakes involved in writing resumes it can be a challenging exercise for many of us. After all, it’s the right resume that will take you through the screening stage to an interview.

In a faster world of online job searches and short attention spans, the top 5 resume myths you shouldn’t fall prey to:

Myth 1 – You don’t need a resume to apply online

Instead of mailing a hardcopy resume, you now upload it on job search portals or email it. That’s the only difference. Having a complete resume available is still imperative to being called for an interview. You resume gives the hiring professional a complete record of your career that can be shared easily across an organisation. Today, in fact it doesn’t stop there as he/she goes from reading your resume to cross-checking it with your LinkedIn profile.

Myth 2 – Your resume is your career biography

This is the biggest myth. Your resume is not your biography and recruitment consultants do not want to know every minute detail of your career. Paint a convincing picture of your capabilities and achievements – but do it concisely. The industry standard is a 2-page resume and you need to be clear on what needs to be included and what can be left out. For most hiring professionals a 6-7 page resume will disqualify the candidate straight away – as they simply don’t have the time to read it.

Myth 3 – Resume-writing takes weeks of deep thinking

A resume might take some work but it does not necessarily take too much time to get done. Be focused on writing a resume that is aligned to the kind of role you are seeking. Once you are clear on the objective of your resume, it’s best not to delay your resume. It’s the one task that keeps expanding with the time available! . You now have expert services available to help you create a perfect resume. Use them to get this vital step right.

Myth 4 – It’s all about formatting

We agree that interesting formatting could be eye-catching but it will never be the reason for you getting an interview call. Recruitment consultants want to know about your career first, so formatting always comes a distant second. Keep the focus on your career – your USP should never be overshadowed by a design element no matter how interesting. There are no right answers to whether interviewers prefer bullet points or tables: a simple layout that is easy to read is your best bet.

Myth 5 – Complete it, forget it

Updating your resume is not just adding a paragraph about your latest job. As your career objectives and goals evolve, so should your resume. Hence, it is possible that your entire resume may need to be re-written to reflect your worth for the position you covet. You should also regularly add details of successful projects and other achievements so the talent acquisition team has the latest information about you.

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