Resume Debacle

Uday Sodhi’s speaks on resume debacle

The 13th of May 2012 brought to light the resume debacle around Yahoo’s then-CEO Scott Thompson. Mr. Uday Sodhi, CEO, shares his views in the context of the fudged resumes at senior levels.

On being asked how often does this happen at the CXO level in India?

While there are cases of misrepresenting information in resumes of junior executives in India, at senior levels such cases are few & far between and I am not able to recall any recent case.

It is important is to recognize that an error may happen as a result of an oversight, but when a resume is deliberately misleading, this is unpardonable. Incorrect information in the resume puts the credibility of the candidate in doubt and this could be a make-or-break factor at senior levels. It is extremely important that enough time and effort is spent in communicating the desired positioning of the candidate, without compromising on the accuracy of the information.


Also, what kind of information is generally hidden or misrepresented?

The most common incidents are regarding educational qualifications or scope of work & expertise. In addition, there are also more subtle errors of omission, where some information is held back (such as the details of a sabbatical) or even twisted to suit one’s purpose.

Another set of grave misrepresentations covers facts relating to illnesses & medical conditions, police records, immigration/ emigration or deportation history etc.

How do search firms & recruitment consultants deal with this?

While it is not expected for senior candidates to falsify their records, it does not absolve the hiring team of doing a complete check of all the facts indicated in the candidate’s resume. Employers are usually very careful to request & screen all documents before the individual comes on board. In addition, some companies conduct background checks through professional agencies.

On we offer candidates the option to pro-actively validate their past employment records, educational qualifications, and even professional references on their own initiative. The recruitment consultant or employer is then assured of the credibility of the candidate.






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