It’s not a cut-copy-paste job!


Why your Resume and your LinkedIn Profile are

About to copy your Resume into your social profile?

While on a job search, it can be really tempting to cut and paste lines from your resume into the corresponding sections of your LinkedIn profile.

But hold on say most experts; the two are different.

The Job Search Angle – A strong Resume is essential paperwork for the hiring process. Traditional resumes are still considered the Holy Grail for short-listing candidates and are used as a formal tool during interviews. Often it is the only document that an employer will refer to.

Your LinkedIn profile comes into play later, when impressed by your achievements and experience the company digs deeper or goes in for a quick pre-hiring check. They search for your name online and look through your LinkedIn profile. What if your LinkedIn profile is an exact replica of your resume? It will not provide the insights they want and could disappoint an employer looking for more.

The Networking Aspect – Your social profile is your calling card to a wide audience: business associates, clients, ex-bosses, industry forums, team members, vendors and networking partners. Please do not limit it to prospective employers by treating it as a resume. On the other hand, the confidential data & information that is in your resume should not be available on an open platform, as many people from advertisers to employers could have access to it.

Use your social profile to do what it is really intended to: build relationships and establish your professional reputation by reaching out to as wide a network as you can. In fact, a prospective employer will assess your networking clout through your social profile. This can be a powerful asset especially when you want to land a senior job!

The Career Storyline: Less is more when it comes to a resume. Your resume is more of a formal statement that needs to be concise and, always, under two pages. The idea is to highlight key points to a rushed recruiter who is going to rapid-read your resume. A social profile on the other hand gives more room to showcase your interests and strengths. Use it to build the story of your skills and experience, supported by links to videos, projects and certifications. And don’t forget the sections relating to your groups, recommendations and who you are following…

Make sure your social profile complements your Resume – not repeats it – to make the most of the two personal branding tools, each one powerful in its own way.

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