How to ensure your CV lands you a job


No matter how well connected you are, the requirement of that two-page document, we call the resume, is inevitable for any job seeker. It’s your one chance to impress probably even hundreds of recruiters who’re labouring to fill vacancies. Considering that recent studies have found that a recruiter will glance at your CV for an average of six seconds, it goes without saying that you need to make every second count.

Here are 4 easy ways to get the right first impression and land the job that’s been haunting your dreams for long.

Keep it minimal

The basic rule that most people know but yet flout is to KISS. No, this isn’t literal but stands for ‘keep it simple silly’. Any CV longer than 2 pages would either be kept for later or dumped into the reject bin right away. No matter how many jobs you’ve worked or how many projects you’ve handled, the art of summing your experience within two pages is something everyone must learn. After all, recruiters didn’t graduate to return to reading career progress theses, did they?

If your career is just taking off, there’s no need to forcefully extend your resume to the second page. Believe me! Recruiters will be more than happy to keenly go through one. Avoid jargons like ‘multi-skilled business executive’, lengthy descriptions, elaborate sentences or listing down every work you’ve ever done. You may be tempted to hit send as soon as you write your first draft, but don’t. Review it to see if it’s easy to read, grammatically correct and has no spelling mistakes. Of all three, the last one is the top deal-breaker followed by grammar.

Get professional help

If all this seems like a daunting task to you, an easier option would be to let the experts find the solutions for you. Just as how you outsource some of your house chores, handover this to a professional. What you may take days to study and implement, these people have the knack for it by just snapping their fingers.

HeadHonchos’s CV writing service lets you relax while your professionally designed CV is getting ready. This personalised service brings out your unique strengths and stamps a brand that can stand out from the clutter. Once you get this, get ready to have recruiters chasing you for interviews. Or you can have your information formatted to time-tested resume templates that are sure to grab attention.

Quantify your achievements

Nothing gets your mind ticking as well as numbers do. The drastic difference between ‘increased sales significantly’ and ‘boosted sales by 40%’ is enough to get your CV picked over 80% of others (see what I did there?). If you can confidently quantify your achievements, it creates a positive impact on the reader and puts you in a position of a success-seeker. Numbers can be both high and low. An increased number shows gains in business, revenue or quality while a decreasing number shows savings, efficiency and budgeting.

Brand Yourself

Each additional line in your CV should lead your reader to know your personal brand. Are you a marketing expert who loves the efficiency of the digital medium or are you a strategist who loves building projects? Be careful in your choice of words, depending on the field you’re applying to. If it’s a startup, you’ll have to use words that show a path from bottom to creating something.

Your resume is your chance to tell your story in one page. Make the recruiter believe that you are the perfect person for the role and that you are indispensable to the company. If your document shows a constant upward growth pattern, it shows how you’ve progressed.

Your CV deserves your effort especially when it has the tough task of convincing people about your skills for a vacancy. Make sure it doesn’t finally land in the recycle bin!

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