5 clichés that make your resume scream “Ignore me!”

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You may have a complete and updated profile on a portal but your resume still remains the most important document of your job search process. That’s why it’s important you make sure it presents your best image to the HR teams considering you for a role.Image of business document, pen and glass of water at workplace

The clichés that you include or forget to eliminate leave a negative impact that could put you out of the running. Make sure you do away with these ancient ways of resume writing before your profile is put aside in the rejected file:

1. References: Ditch that line about reference on request. It’s implied. If someone wants a reference, you can always give it on request. You don’t want your references to be called even before you let them know about the interview.
2. Marital status/children: The hard truth about hiring is at times HR professionals form opinions based on your family background and other personal information and may even drop the idea of calling you for an interview. Even if you meet the job requirements! Stay away from including your marital status, detailed information about your family, etc.
3. Passport details & other sensitive information: In your entire job search process your resume would reach the hands of many people whom you don’t know in person. As a safety precaution, avoid including sensitive information in your resume.
4. The part-time job when you were 16: It’s safe to exclude old work experiences that hold no relevance to your career. Employers look for the most relevant experience that will add value to the role they’re hiring for.
5. Irrelevant interests: Most hiring professionals do take an interest in your hobbies or activities in your spare time. It’s fine to include your interests but only the ones that add value to your candidature. No one wants to know how good you’re at knitting or what a great cook you are.

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