#HigherEducation For Executives: The dos, don’ts and maybes

Young businessman standing in front of two arrows showing two di

Young businessman standing in front of two arrows showing two diA summary of the live Twitter chat with Shiv Agrawal, Founder HeadHonchos.com on how to up-skill the right way presented by HeadHonchos & ET-Wealth on September 18, 2014.

Executive MBAs, long term courses, online programs and specialized degrees for experienced professionals give one’s career a boost. They open up avenues to up-skill and add value to a professional’s profile. In the long run carefully-thought through decisions about executive learning take you a few notches closer to leadership roles.

In case you missed being a part of the live chat; here’s a recap of responses to keep in mind while choosing a degree or course for yourself!

1. An Executive MBA (EMBA) definitely enhances your long-term career prospects.

2. Caveat: If you are looking for immediate results in terms of placement, then it’s more difficult to predict and depends on your profile and the course itself.

3. A business management qualification has more value when you have a few years of experience under your belt.

4. A good time to opt for an EMBA is when you have at least 7-8 years of work ex.

5. A big-brand institute is always worth the wait for an EMBA; keep trying till you get a seat in one of the best.

6. Contrary to popular belief, a degree from a top grade B-School in India has more value than one from an average institute abroad.

7. IT professionals looking for a degree should not ignore advanced skill-specific tech courses that impart specialized knowledge.

8. On the contrary, IT professionals who want to get into general management should opt for business management degrees.

9. An Executive Education program can sometimes help in making a functional switch or an industry change. Consider getting a field-specific degree if you are aiming for a function-change.

10. If your job does not permit you a full time break, consider part time online courses from top-grade institutes anywhere in the world.

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