Executive Learning: The Way Ahead


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 Executive learning is the latest buzzword in corporate circles.

Constantly changing business requirements and the dynamism of industry have ensured that new courses are becoming available at an unprecedented rate to map the skills and knowledge required. With Executive Education becoming deeply customer-centric, the subject matter of these modules is largely determined by what potential students and corporate clients ask for. While many universities offer executive learning degrees and certificate programs besides other non-credit courses, specialized institutes and bodies deliver professional certification for career growth too.

Research around modern education patterns suggests that  interest has, in fact, trended away from generic academic studies towards targeted-industry and applied professional-skills programs and hence there is a growing demand for programs that help professionals advance their careers. What’s more, learning schedules are designed around the convenience of working professionals and pedagogy is built around real-world experience.

These trends are based on a new reality. Education continues to be seen as an investment, and programs and skills that are likely to lead to a higher salary or increased opportunity are preferred and given importance by Executives and mere knowledge enhancement is lower on priority. This is not entirely without reason. In the current competitive scenario, to adapt to their ever changing jobs & industries, many executives need to deepen their existing competencies while others are simply required to address existing skill gaps. It is an unsaid requirement for executives to acquire leadership skills for managing and supervising their subordinates. And, often professionals need to look for guidance, new frameworks and points of reference outside of their own offices to gain the required skill sets. For such executives, executive learning courses are the best way forward.

Need for Professional Certification

Professional certification is earned by a person to assure appropriate qualification to perform a job or task. While this is true, it is essential to understand that most working professionals today stay on the lookout for relevant certifications/courses to enjoy a competitive edge over their peers.

The growth of professional certification programs is a reflection of the changing employment market. The advantage of certification is its sheer portability, in that they do not depend on any single company’s definition of a certain job. A certification is an unbiased, third-party affirmation of a person’s professional knowledge and experience. No matter what industry you belong to, from Software to Construction or Finance, HeadHonchos Learning has a choice of over 1500 + courses  across domains from leading Course providers.




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