HeadHonchos’ Hangout: The Great Career Journey

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59 thoughts on “HeadHonchos’ Hangout: The Great Career Journey

  1. Sir i have completed my B.E. degree in civil engg with 8.8 cgpa and qualified in GATE 2013. Want to become a structural design engineer in oil & gas industry… As a fresher how to get into a design company ? Kindly guide me…

  2. I am into creative industry and decided to take a sabbatical to start something of my own. My venture did not work out, and since I was respected and valued in my last job, I decided to approach my former employer. The management did not take me back, despite my willingness to take up the job at a CTC drastically lower than what I was drawing earlier. I am unable to find a new job and currently facing a financial crunch.

  3. i am a qualified candidate for the role of project management in the Software industry. i have many professional achievements to my credit. yet i find it difficult to handle an interview, i believe that i have a competent profile but the conventional questions asked by the interviewer tell me about yourself, what are your weaknesses and strengths, why do you want to change your job, where do you see yourself 5 years down the line, etc. make me anxious.

  4. I have been in logistics/ supply chain management. Since I was in the same job for 7 years, I decided to look out for a job change. It is been 8 months now and I have not been able to get a new job. I want to know what is it that nobody seems to be ready to hire me?

  5. My boss is younger than me and at times it becomes frustrating to take orders from him. How should I deal with the situation?

    1. Simple. Think that both you and your boss work for your company. Discuss if you feel his directions may affect the project.

  6. My organisation is not growing and the company (infact the industry) does not have enough to offer. I wish to make a transition from corporate world to academics. How should I go about it?

  7. I have MS from north America. I am moving back to India after working 9 years in US in manufacturing industry. I am not sure if my skill set and experience will be asset to Indian companies or not. Is there any way I can find it out.

  8. I have a total of 21 years of workex but broken roughly seven years of HR and Ten plus years of Marketing/Business Development. What would you advise as the next good career move? Thanks.

  9. I have done Bsc(Hons)Electrical engineering and yet have experienced of 2.5 years in Cement industry. I am looking forward to get new job in Dubai or any other Gulf State. i want to know how would i get job or where i have to apply for adequate job relating to my field experience.

    M.Salman Butt
    Asst.Manager (E&I)

  10. I have one year in c/c++ application development then now i am in job which deals with system level (kernel level) development…but what i am facing here is my seniors(boss) they put all blame on us infront of there seniors and we have finally leave the job,what should i do?

  11. Thank you everyone for sharing your queries, make time to be a part of the HeadHonchos Hangout on June 5, 2013 to get expert advice on your career concerns.

      1. @Clove – Join in at 3 pm today, we will be taking up questions on first come first served basis. You will see the responses via video on this page itself.

  12. Sir / Madam,

    I am an accounting / finance professional with more than 17 years of working experience with CPA, CMA, MBA, CertIFRS and ICWA. Now I am looking for opportunities to move back to India preferably in Delhi and / or Mumbai. Please advise the best approach a professional like me should take.


  13. I am a Six Sigma trained Senior Retail Business Head with 12 years experience in various aspects of Retail.I am looking for senior level roles

    1. @Partha – Thank you for sharing your query. To find answer to your query, do make time to attend HeadHonchos’ Hangout today at 3 pm today on this page itself.

  14. I have worked as accounts manager with industry of freight forwarding logistics/ supply chain management. Since last one year I am serching a job but till date unable to get single opportunity. Can I knwow what’s the reason.
    I possess almost plus 25 years experience within Freight Forwarding Industry & have given my support in field of
    Accounts, Finance & Quality System (under ISO) as well administration at Regional level within my capabilities &
    as per requirements of company.

    In addition I have also worked almost 10 years with Textile Industry in various positions i.e. central excise,
    Accounts & Admn. Dept.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am B.Tech from IIT having rich & varied 25 years expereince in general management/production/industrial sales & marketing/project management area.

    Infact, my resume has been finalized after thorugh consultations with your resume experts.

    However since last three months I am yet to receive any calls from within India or abroad inspite of applying to selected posts through your counsellor.

    Kindly reply as to how I can suceeed in my goal to be in a more professionally challenging environment.

    Vilas Gurlhosur

  16. @shyam Looking at the dynamics of the BPO industry, what do you think the professionals working in the industry should do to enhance their skills? Also, do you think the dynamics will change with businesses moving to Philippines?

  17. What if your boss is a bully and he is supported by his seniors at work? He (works for an MNC) not only abuses people on the floor but there was an incidence where he pulled the person out of the floor by dragging him out? But still he maintains a high position. What should one do in a situation like this. @sangeeta

    1. Our company has been acquired by a big MNC, culturally the environment is changing, how should one adapt? @Sangeeta

  18. I am a CA with over 20 Years of experience, 46 year old. I am looking for a Good Job as due to cost control in my last organization I had to move out.
    Most of the organizations say that I am over experience/over age etc. I thought more experience you have , your value & demand will go up but looks like it is not true and once you are out of Job it becomes more difficult. Can you please comment.

  19. Excellent initiative! Congratulations. I would be interested to connect up with the organizers to learn from your experience of conducting this hangout. Please guide me to the right person. All the best for the future hangouts! Regards, Ankur

  20. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Myself Manoj Kaushik, I am having 11 Years of experience in IT Infrastructure Service Delivery / Support and Project Management.

    In 2010 due to my divorce issue I had resigned from my earlier job and in 2011 again started working. Unfortunately due to this personal family issue I took big financial hit and in 2011 when I started look after job, I got the job which paying me half then earlier salary however my knowledge curve has increased a lot.
    Kindly advise how could I get the right job & salary as per my experience.
    Plz help.

  21. I am 56 years old Civil Project Management Professional with Mechanical Engineering Degree and total experience of 32 years. Though I have been seriously looking for a change from last 2 years but received no response. Is it the age or my differing Qualification and Experience ? Please enlighten me.

  22. Dear Sir

    I have more than 6 years experience in insurance is their any option to choose or go for any other industry,, if so then please suggest which is suitable for me. I am B.Com Graduate

  23. I am a HR professional with 10 years of HR experience and 10+ years of experience running a HR consultancy firm. I wound up my consultancy firm to pursue other interests and to go back to work in corporate sector. I have been trying for a job for over 2 years but have had no positive response. Is being 47 considered too old for a job? I know I can do an excellent job as I have the expertise, experience and the energy but lack of response is very demoralizing. What is the best way to find a job at this juncture?

  24. @Hema and @Prakash – Thank you for sharing your questions. Your queries will be taken up on our Career Q&A section. We will also send you a mail with a detailed response to your query.

  25. I have enrolled with your site and really in search of a job in Europe and USA locations.My functional area is Accounts.I have a rich experience of 15 years and a semi-qualified Chartered Accountant. Pl help me with your advice how I can achieve my goal.

  26. I am 55 years old Procurement Professional with electrical Engineering Diploma, dip in business mgmt and total experience of 34 years, in india and abroad. Though I have been seriously looking for a change but received no proper response. Is it the age or my differing Qualification and Experience ? Please enlighten me/advise me/Plz help., soon. regards,

  27. I am an MBA in HRM from XIMB 2013 working for Shree Cement Ltd.I have previous Oracle Apps scm experience in Infosys Ltd.I am looking for a change as I am not satified with the work here.How do I get a call.

  28. Hi I am a business man. My qualifications are not strong.
    But I have 20 + yrs experience in running my business. I was in US and now in India but due the recession and also funds not rcvd from the clients I have to close down my business. I have vast experience in IT and ITES in managing and setting up. I am now looking for a job other than India. How do I proceed. I have registered in Headhochos and I have applied for few jobs and waiting for their response.

  29. I am an MBA from IIFT and a BE CompSc with close to 10 years of exp in IT Monitoring Consulting and Transitions. I would like to move to a sales or project management within my ord. I am equally incline toward both. Which would be a better choice to pursue?


  30. I am a FCA-ACMA-DISA with 25 years post Q exposure and my exposure is more alligned to Audit, Systems Audit, SOX compliance, risk management and MIS domain. I have relocated to Kolkata very recently for family reason, after spending 20 years in a genereal insurance PSU and later as partner of top Ahmedabad firm.I seek suitable opening preferably in Kolkata and near by cities.

  31. I am a MBA (International Business) who can meet your expectations for this position.
    Exim professional with 14 years hands on experience in Export & Import processes. Proficient in end to end planning and execution of Export and Import including documentation, Port Operation, Logistics, Procurement Agra Product (Sugar, Rice, Maize, Wheat, Soya DOC ), Handling (Coking Coal, Iron Ore Fines, Gypsum, Timber & Veneer). A proven team leader with the high degree of problem solving ability and capable of achieving targets and deadlines.
    I am a result oriented, self-driven achiever who can convert your plans for advancement into reality and want to utilize my experience and expertise of fourteen years to contribute to the bottom line of your esteemed organization.
    I shall be grateful if called up for an interview at an early date.
    Awaiting your reply in the affirmative.
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely.

    1. @Debashis Chakraborty: Please register on HeadHonchos.com. You may search jobs by putting in relevant keywords.

  32. Hi,

    I am a 16yrs experienced in Rural/Micro finance, Due to the trouble in the industry we had lost our jobs. let us know what type of other industries have the similar kind of roles.


  33. Hi,

    I am a MBA,Supply chain professional having 17+ years of industry experience. I have just left my job in Dubai and returned back to Mumbai due to some unavoidable family reasons. I am a registered candidate at Headhonchos.com. Now I have been trying since last 2 months but unable to find a suitable position here. If required, I can share my CV with you. Now it has become MOST URGENT for me to take up a job here. Kindly advice ASAP positively.

    Thanks & Warm Regards,

    Manoj P Nair

    1. @Manoj: Understand your urgency. There are few easy answers to this one. Senior hiring can take up to a few months or more and one needs to stay with the process.

      Given the environment, you may need to consider how you can scale down expectations and cue this in your profile. We can provide assistance through our Premium Plans: for details, click here>> http://bit.ly/1cDnaVp

      There are over 260 SCM jobs live right now: we urge you to login and keep the applications going. To view the jobs, please click here>> http://bit.ly/1fLt8By

  34. I am a person with a work experience of 21 long years in the field of Purchase, Logistics, Distribution, Vendor Development,Packaging Development, Inventory Control & Stores Management, Warehouse Management, Import & Export, Commercial Procedures and Institutional Sales.

    Worked in the area of Fine Blanked Auto Components manufacturing, Capital Equipments manufacturing, Machine Tools manufacturing, Domestic Appliances manufacturing, Petrochemicals, Tea, Spices, Packaging Development, Electrical Carbon Products, Educational Supplies and Medical College & Hospital.

    Given an opportunity I with my work experience, skills, educational background and ability to work well with people would like to be involved in work and succeed in an environment of growth and excellence where I can utilize skill and creatively involved with system that effectively contributes to self development as well as to the growth of organization.

    I lost my job as I met a motorbike accident, broke my shoulder and right tibia and it took me seven months to recover. I am now looking for a job desperately to settle myself. Can you help me in anyway? My Cv is registered with you.

  35. I am 50 and I have an overall experience of 18 Years primarily in Customer service IT and ITES.
    Last position held was AVP -Process Delivery HEad and Retention Officer.
    I took a sabatical for 6 Years and am now looking to get back to main stream.
    I need guidance to be able to join in an industry where my expertise can be utilised for Consultation/Business Development and Counselling and Talent Retention and many other similar verticals like HR/L&D and others. Rgds Kavita

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