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Sapient was founded in 1990 by two consultants who felt that clients weren’t getting the value they deserved. Today it has 9500 people spread across 35 offices worldwide. Sapient is a global services company that helps clients transform in the areas of business, marketing, and technology. The company operates three divisions that enable clients to gain a competitive advantage and succeed in an increasingly digital world. SapientNitro, Sapient Global Markets, and Sapient Government Services fuse insight, creativity, and technology to drive innovation and to help clients navigate complex business problems.

Visit our websites www.sapient.com, www.sapientnitro.com, and www.sapient global markets.com for more information.

Life at Sapient:

One of our most distinguishing characteristics is that we have been able to grow and evolve at an impressive and nimble rate without ever losing sight of the reason our co-founders started Sapient – to enable human potential through technology.

Each day, every Sapient person pushes the limits to learn, grow and delight clients with their ideas and the abillity to engineer those ideas into reality.

Most popular employee cool-off zone/facility

Our war room and huddles room are used as meeting rooms for strategy sessions as well as cool off zones.

We welcome new people with…

Sapient’s on boarding processes are anchored to Sapient’s purpose of enabling human potential. Sapient’s induction program is personalized for new hires to help them understand our people, culture, and goals. We believe that effective integration is vital for any new hire to be successful. We are committed to help our new people succeed at Sapient.

The current buzz at Sapient

Sapient is buzzing with knowledge sharing and thought leadership forums. SapientNitro launched the “Idea Engineer Exchange” that brought together 50+ futuristic technologists in digital commerce.

Visit http://www.sapient.com/india-iex/ to know more.

Sapient Global Markets successfully conducted two editions of “Redefining Perspectives”, a forum that saw the convergence of over 150+ Java and .Net Architects debating technological trends in capital and commodities markets.

You can visit the site http://www.sapient.com/indiaperspectives/ to preview speaker slides and event photos.

HR best practice that employees vouch for…

When you enter any of our Sapient offices across the globe, you will notice that all our offices look the same. The set up, the look and feel of each office is consistent around the world. Our teams are global and so are our people policies. There are no cubicles in any Sapient office. Everyone works in an open office environment where even the CEO sits at a similar workstation as that of a junior team member.

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