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b1About The Delhi Flour Mills Company Limited

Delhi Flour Mills Company Limited dates back to 1917 and is amongst the first businesses of its kind in India. We own and operate the single largest flour mill in the country, located at Delhi. Plans are under way to set up another mill in Greater NOIDA. It is listed on the Delhi Stock Exchange.

We are engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of all principal wheat products that include Whole Wheat Atta, Flour (Maida) and Semolina (Rava & Suji), all of which are sold through an extensive distribution network. Marketed under the Kanak and STAG brand names, these products are sold in bulk as well as in consumer packs to industrial users and retail consumers respectively. The business is rapidly expanding its distribution network to new locations outside Delhi NCR, that would mean opportunities for professionals to work with the organisation beyond jobs in Delhi.

Innovation at Delhi Flour Mills

We have developed a unique and effective system of wheat procurement directly from farmers, primarily from U.P. This system is being expanded to cater to the increasing demand arising out of distribution expansion.

Ownership and Management

The business is headed by Mr. Mohit Jain, Managing Director and his two sons, Rohan and Rashad Jain. The family is involved in strategic decision making at the corporate level while the businesses are run by competent and experienced professionals.

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